Are Developers Leaving Us?

  BigRik 18:01 20 Nov 2009


I was in my local Game shop today to pick up a pre-ordered copy of Saw for PC, which was released today. They haven't yet taken delivery on PC format, but suggested I try their other store upstairs in Debenhams. They didn't have it either, and in fact, haven't had much in for the PC lately. I was advised to try Gamestation. They don't have it on PC either. In fact I'm almost sure the assistant in Gamestation stopped short of calling me some sort of weirdo for still wanting a game on the PC and not a console!!

One thing I've noticed in all these stores though, is that their PC sections are tiny!

Is the PC gaming market being wiped out by the consoles? The graphics card manufacturers are still falling over themselves to produce the best card, so perhaps they don't see it disappearing any time soon, but are the developers beginning to overlook us in favour of the console?

  egapup 18:59 20 Nov 2009

God....hope not.

  wags 19:25 20 Nov 2009

I'm afraid you're right. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a perfect example! OK, it is out on PC, but is a lazy port of the console game and Infinity Ward has turned its back on the PC community who put them where they are today (eg no dedicated servers, modding tools etc etc). At the end of the day it is a business and consoles are so financially successful that it is not surprising that developers do not want to put in the effort and financial resources with PC games.

Still, there is some hope. Dice, who are making Battlefield:Bad Company2 have promised full support for PC gamers with dedicated servers and PC exclusive content e.g the ability to go prone, which won't be available on consoles.

I fear that the way it is generally going it will only by RTS games that will be designed specifically for the PC.

  Awshum 17:02 21 Nov 2009

"I haven't bought a PC games in years."

That quote can be taken as coming from one of two camps:

1. I only play on cosoles.
2. I download pirated PC Games.

I belong to Camp 1.

  Awshum 17:03 21 Nov 2009

cosoles - consoles

  mrwoowoo 22:30 22 Nov 2009

Unless a PC game is an absolute must for me, i usually wait untill the first price drop phase untill i buy one.
Couldn't wait for Borderlands. But it was only £26.00 which is fine. Also just bought Fallout 3 for £20.00 and it's such a great game.
Always nicer to have a hard copy and manual rather than a pirate version or even a legitimate steam download. You can always sell them for a few pounds afterwards when you've finished which makes them even cheaper.
Now, i wonder if Sainsburys still have CODMW2 for £26.00?

  wolfie3000 02:01 24 Nov 2009

Pc gaming will never die, its to lucrative for companies, as they can sell addons and gamers get alot of updates,
Plus with games like World of warcraft they make additional money from pay per play.

Also with PC games you get the bonus of being able to mod the games and create new maps, so if you have finished a game you can download new maps and other stuff to keep you entertained.

  Kevscar1 10:18 24 Nov 2009

Lots of good games out recently and more coming soon. Next year will see some good online games as well Star Trek and Stargate to name just 2.
Star Trak open beta starts in Jan if any of you are interested.

  raziel08 11:56 24 Nov 2009

Unfortunately i can see pc games dying within the next 5 years. This is due to the fact that the majority of people who play games just want to buy a game and not have to worry about whether or not their computer is fast enough or if the graphics card is good enough to get some decent frame rates.

If you think about how many millions of consoles have been sold around the world then the tiny amount of people who use computers to play games must be very tiny, and therefore not profitable.

  Hercule Marple 16:16 24 Nov 2009

I thought about buying/building a new gaming PC, but rejected the idea because there just aren't many recent games that appeal to me. Got a 360 last year, but I've hardly used it. Can't stand using the gamepad for first person shooters, which is my favourite type of game.

  Colin 20:38 24 Nov 2009

"the tiny amount of people who use computers to play games"

You'd be surprised how many people do use their PC's to play games. True, they won't match the number of consoles due to the consoles ease of use, but it is still a substantial, worthwhile market. Look at this link to see how many PC games have been released in the last few months - click here

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