anybody like fishing???? new game

i have been playing this game for a while now and i think its the best vr fishing game out....ive been told if this site recommends it they will give them a free fe you could have a free game..any way i will reccomend it as i fish alot and this game beats all of the other virtual reality fishing link
click here
and they have a few different games to download but the best bye far is vr sports fishing...tight lines..akanic

this might be better in the game forums fe..sorry

  wolfie3000 21:24 26 Jan 2009

Not a bad looking game but for that sort of money there are better fishing sims out there.

click here

$10 and photo realistic.

  Chegs ®™ 22:20 26 Jan 2009

There was a totally free to play fishing game but it is no longer available...

It is with great sadness that we are forced to announce the closure of Fishing Champ service and game servers on September 30th, 2008.
We would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for both your interest and enthusiasm with the game over the years, and your support and time
turned this into an amazing player-community. You exceeded all of our expectations and were focused on actually helping one another play and enjoying
the game to the fullest. We hope to be able to see as many of you as we can again in some of our other GamesCampus games such as Asda Story,
Shot-Online, Manga Fighter, and Xiah Rebirth in the future. Until then, we appreciate everything you have done for and with us in Fishing Champ,
and wish to see you all again around GamesCampus in the years to come.

  Forum Editor 22:45 26 Jan 2009

from Speakers Corner.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:15 27 Jan 2009

I suppose the next game will be Paint Drying Simulator.

ok lets get the low down on this 1. its not like paint drying :) 2. you have to have different bait for the species.. 3. not all fish bite... 4.realistic 3d playing.. 5.virtual reality support...5 all above mentioned games dont even come close to this :) ..6 . there is a free demo to try before you buy and everybody who plays this game are seasoned its got to be good.. anyway thats my response on this game.. i like to fish myself and when the weather is rubbish and i cant fish. i will play this game... at least i can get a simular feeling by playing this game! kind regards akanic

heading was "anybody like fishing???? new game"
so you dont like fishing then :) so dont comment as in title anybody who like fishing...not paint can open another post on this subject if you kind regards akanic

played that game and yes its photo relistic but thats it, its a photo but this game is 3d.. underwater views etc its alot better. kind regards akanic

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