Another World of Warcraft question!

  morgueman 09:27 28 Jul 2008

Hello all, saw a previous question about this game and it mentioned something about a PRE-PAID CARD? Is this for playing online on X-Box, etc or do you need one for playing online on the PC?
Also, i've seen two game boxes, one with a woman's face, in blue i think, the other with a man's face, is there any differecne between the two?
Thanks for any help with this!

  bstb3 12:09 28 Jul 2008

The game requires a monthly subscription to play (paid in advance), although the first month is provided free with a purchase of the retail pack (unless you use the key from the retail pack to activate a free trial account, in which case your free month is lost...).

The prepaid cards are one way of paying for the subscription, the other being debit or credit cards. You do not need prepaid cards to play, but you do need a subscription. I am pretty sure (but I stand to be corrected) that World of Warcraft is PC only, there are no console versions for the Xbox or Playstation.

As far as the boxes go the artwork differs but the product is the same. Just make sure that if you are creating a new account (I am guessing you are) that you purchase the basic World of Warcraft pack and not the Burning Crusade expansion (its a green box and is marked pretty clearly) - the expansion requires the basic sofware to be bought seperately before it works. I wouldnt buy the expansion until you have tried the game for a while, it offers very few benefits until you are well into the game (other than two new starter races and locations)

  morgueman 13:44 28 Jul 2008

Thanks bstb3 for that. These prepaid cards, if i got one, i see they are for something like 60 days playing, is that 60 days consectively, or just 60 days has in playing one or two days here and there amounting to 60 days? Does that make sense?

  bstb3 14:06 28 Jul 2008

Unfortunately the billing cycle for World of Warcraft (and all other online mmorpg's I know of) is a fixed 30 days. In other words you pay for 30 day chunks and after those 30 days your time is up, please pay again. How much you choose to play in those 30 days is up to you.

The prepaid card is for 60 days, I dont know if you can 'suspend' 30 of those days for a later period (the next school holidays / vacation from work etc) or if all 60 get used up consecutively. I would be very surprised if you could suspend the time though so expect the 60 days to get used up over 60 days, whether you play or not.

Ideally it would be pay as you play, 10p per hour or whatever, but it isnt. From the point of view of the game companies this guarantees them some level of certainty over their monthly income, from the point of the gamer however it is an incentive to play 24/7 to maximise their value for money and this isnt the best way to play any game (personal opinion of course).

  morgueman 14:40 28 Jul 2008

Ha yes i agree with you there! Thanks bstb3, dont think i'll get the game, was going to get it for my son, but not if you have to keep paying for it to be used!

  bstb3 15:11 28 Jul 2008

glad to help.

The game Guild Wars is a decent (albeit shorter lived) alternative which doesnt have a monthly fee to play, but is online with other gamers. This could be worth a look, but in terms of popularity it is dwarfed by Warcraft.

The other thing to keep in mind with any online game is that the people playing them come in every flavour imaginable and as such there will be (usually a small minority) people who can, will and do their damndest to be offensive, immature and downright unpleasant to anyone who they perceive as being new or less 'able' as themselves. Sadly it appears that for some people prolonged exposure to these communities brings out these tendencies. As such they can be environments not always suitable for younger gamers without appropriate parental supervision.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:34 28 Jul 2008

Bear in mind, if you start playing WOW, that it is highly addictive. Also bear in mind that this is a huge game, there is just so much to do and then do again, differently. I have played it almost every day since February 2007 and still am a very long way from running out of things to do. Even after that amount of time I am still a novice compared to some!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:08 29 Jul 2008

Guild Wars is a good (actually very good) online game, I cannot fathom the reason WOW is so much more popular (although Guild Wars having > 3 million users is not exactly poor), especially when you take into account the monthly charges, and the fact that Guild Wars superb graphics make WOW's look very clunky indeed.

  wolfie3000 05:48 30 Jul 2008

This is what i would recommend, i managed to turn a WoW player on to it tonight.

click here

One of my ingame characters, :)

click here

  kalignorgna 08:31 11 Aug 2008

you need to pay to play i'm affraid, the time card is a pre paid card with 2 mouths subsriction (£18.49 in game) the box will say what platform its for, for example pc games will have a white box with pc at the top left corner and 360 will have the xbox 360 logo at the top left. as for the faces on the boxs the woman's face (or dark elf female) is the original game and the man's face (or blood elf male) is the expation pack the burning crusade

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