Alone In The Dark

  crosstrainer 09:41 06 Jul 2008

I've just heard a radio review of the game, and the news isn't good. Poor game-play, bad plot, slow graphics (even on a quad core)

Guess I'll wait and see what others think.

  gengiscant 10:30 06 Jul 2008

PC Gamer gave it a score of only 39 and a couple of other reviews didn't rate it much better.TUROK has been rubbished as well. So I'll give them a miss for now.I'll carry on with the oldie Castle Wolfenstein for now.

  Bob The Blob 12:04 06 Jul 2008

Bought it on Ebay - installed - played for 15 minutes - appalled - uninstalled - advertised on Ebay again - sold!
What a piece of crap.

  crosstrainer 14:58 06 Jul 2008

That then :( no new decent games for a while now...Awaiting the new FEAR, and a long way down the road until Crysis 2 and Doom 4.

Back to polish up my flying skills on Fkight SimX :)

  Bob The Blob 15:09 06 Jul 2008

They can't even get Flight Sim X right. The state of PC games at the moment is shocking!

  crosstrainer 15:17 06 Jul 2008

Have you installed the 2 service packs? Runs fine on my Vista machines.

click here

And then:

click here

Should sort things out. If you are having specific problems start a new thread here, I know the software pretty well.

  Bob The Blob 15:20 06 Jul 2008

Yep I tried it with all the updates and tweaks. Runs rubbish compared to FS9. This is on a dual core 4400+ with 7900GTX gfx card.

  crosstrainer 15:24 06 Jul 2008

Should run fine. Crank the graphics settings up (I know it makes no sense but it works for some) Also certain programmes will slow it to a crawl (PC Tools Spyware doctor is one)

Also some antivirus programmes can cause problems too.

How much memory do you have?

  Bob The Blob 15:31 06 Jul 2008

Vista with 3GB in dual channel mode. I tried everything but couldn't get on with the game. Will wait for the next version. Hopefully they will rewrite the game engine.

  mrwoowoo 17:24 06 Jul 2008

Half way through Turok and have come to a stop.
Rather average at best.A bit boring to be honest.
Oh what a games void we are in.
Glad you didn't get Alone in the dark because of me drawing attention to it.We might have fallen out.(O:!
Still might get it though, despite the reviews as it's my favourite genre.I like scary.
Mass effect has had rave reviews and i can't get into it at all.Still,each to his own.

  crosstrainer 06:34 07 Jul 2008

Trouble is.....The reviewer said he wasn't scared once :( I'm going to give it miss, but hope you are not disappointed in it.

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