Age Of Conan Or Lord Of The Rings Online ?

  Acer-1 14:28 24 May 2009

Hi i used to play World Of Warcraft and Guild Wars but has been along time and i wanna try something new.

I am looking for a online game that i don't have to devote my life too, for example of world of warcraft unless you get into a guild and play for ages everyday then your not gonna get great items etc.

A game that although you can play with other people you can still do quests and get new stuff on your own?.

And a game thats not full of immature people who insist on calling you a noob.

Am also looking for a game that has good character creation and lots of different armour / weapons etc.

All Help Appreciated.

  Kevscar1 17:34 24 May 2009

And a game thats not full of immature people who insist on calling you a noob

Sorry none like that.

  citadel 20:26 24 May 2009

guild wars nightfall, buy cd then no fees.

  wolfie3000 21:44 24 May 2009

Try Perfect World,

click here

Free to play so you dont even need to buy it,
Iv been playing ti for over a year now and have tryed other MMORPG games and found this one to be the best.

Its not as restrictive as guild wars, its character customization is rated as the best in any game let alone a MMORPG game.

The community is one of the best iv seen with everyone more than willing to help with quests,

click here

  IClaudio 23:31 27 May 2009

is what you need... free to download, free to play and exquisite in every detail :) I've been hooked for a month or so.

click here

  kalignorgna 09:56 28 May 2009

Warhammer online age of reckoning is a good game good character classes and the character customization is good but a bit samey after a wile. There are lots of quest you can do solo and still get good equipment, and with the public quest feature you can earn even better equipment without needing to be part of a party. The only down sides are that a lot of the realms tend to be under populated and at £25 for a game card its more expensive then wow at £18.50.

  [email protected] 21:12 29 May 2009

if you want to try something a little different. ea games have just made click here a freebie.
want please people who paid for it but worth a look.

  [email protected] 21:14 29 May 2009

bit like mmorpg supreme commander i suppose

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