Age of Conan

  kalignorgna 12:44 02 Jul 2008

any of you playin this, been playin for a couple of days now already got to level 19 with my barberian. excellent game when online but fail to se the point in the night single player mode. played a misson last night on single player and only had to kill the main dude as all the other NPC would not fight me due to my level (they were all 10-11 in level). also do any of you know how to start a PVP battle in AOC HA I read that you have to be on certen servers to play it such as battlenet (which I'm on at mo) and that it is latter in the game since I'm in the first city at mo I don't no what you have to do to use the PVP

  bstb3 13:06 02 Jul 2008


I played from launch, for the first month that came free. It has the potential to be an excellent game, but after I got to level 40 things started to feel a bit flat. Its not surprising, to a degree, that content wasnt fully available across all the levels at launch, but given the speed of levelling one would have hoped they could have predicted this content gap after Beta.

You can get into a pvp game via the 'community' window, there is a tab in there for pvp matchmaking. You choose the style you want to play (capture the skull, team annihalation etc) then wait to be matched into a game. I dont think its server specific, it should be available on all, but it will depend on the number of other players searching so you may have more luck on a pvp ruleset server.

I played on a pve server and only ever got into one game, despite trying many times.

If the deves live up to their promises to include more zones & content for mid levels, and get the guild cities working / siege warfare as promised I will probably go back to it, but not until then.

The day / night time play styles only go on until you are out of Tortage, I think the idea is to give a feel of your own personal story and let you learn the game solo. I thought it was a neat touch.

  IClaudio 09:33 03 Jul 2008

I got AoC a few days ago, but I'm having trouble with the graphics. My GeForce 8600GTS copes with every other game, and copes with the video in AoC perfectly well. However, once into the game proper, something wierd happens, and although everything is turned down, all I see is the occasional bit of character wireframe (if that's the term) and sprays of blood against a white/grey dappled background. Audio and game controls are fine...

I've now ordered a 8800GTX, but have a feeling that's not the problem.

  kalignorgna 15:02 03 Jul 2008

can't say I've seen anythink like that before altough there is a bar in between the qiuck buttons that is soposed to tell you if your conection is bad, also the game might not have installed properly. also check your shader model as it needs to be 3.0 (i think) to run properly

if its your card however I'm run a 512MB Nivida Gforce 9600GT xxx series

  kalignorgna 15:06 03 Jul 2008

any body know how to get a cape seen lots of people run round in one some of wich are lower in levels then me but I can't seem to find or buy one. also I have the best armor I can buy or get via quest in Tortage is ther any way to get better equipment like tryin the various areas on epic?

  mrwoowoo 17:11 03 Jul 2008

A lot of reports are saying players are having lots of issues with the game and are awaiting a patch.
The only thing in the mean time is to update your graphics driver,which i suspect you have.
The only time i encountered anything like that was with Scarface which isn't compatible with Vista.I tried to play in compatibility mode but still got the same effect as you,plus just a floating head for the main character.

  IClaudio 17:18 03 Jul 2008

Yes, the floating head is what I get here :)

I've updated the drivers, and re-installed the game a couple of times. That's a labour of love (and desperation) as it takes about 5 hours here ...snore...

Should have said that my 8600 has only 256 memory, so I hope that the 512 on the upcoming 8800 will give a bit more breathing space.

  kalignorgna 08:36 04 Jul 2008

what are your sys specs and broadband speed

  kalignorgna 08:45 04 Jul 2008

when palyin for a wile does your main map go blank then a few second latter your ingame map go blank and affter a few minites your server seems to die game closses and you get and error mesage on screen. and does anyboady know how on earth to fix this and it is not my broadband (up to 8mbps not sure of current speed)

  bstb3 13:08 04 Jul 2008

I ran the game on an 8800GTX with no problems. 256mb on the card isnt really enough to run the game well, so your card upgrade should do the trick (my 8800GTX has 768mb not 512 though, thought they all did?). I hope you checked your PSU is up to it - they are a bit power hungry.

Kalingorna - some of the capes you will see are the drinking cape, this was a bonus for either beta registration or pre order (I forget which) and is available from level 1. It has no useful benefit other than looks. The first cape I got in game was at level 40, as a quest reward.

Hope you both enjoy the game,


  IClaudio 16:10 04 Jul 2008

kalignorgna: Pentium Dual 3GHz, GeForce 8600GTS, running latest drivers, 4G DDR. B/band nominally up to 8MB, but usually 2 or thereabouts :( But assuming all my other games, including BioShock go like hot butter off a shovel, I'm at a loss to understand why AoC should run so badly (I know I've described the symptoms badly, but I'm sure it's not a bandwidth prob...)

bstb3: Ooops, sorry, I meant to say 8800GT with no X <blush> My PSU is 600W, so will cope I think (tho' I do have lots of stuff hanging off it, tsk...)

I'd love to enjoy the game!

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