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  IClaudio 17:44 29 Dec 2008

Why why why why (and a thousand times, why)

Several people have mentioned this, and not had the courtesy of a reply....

AND: when you Reply to a thread, you have to scroll through another load of garbage - you don't get subjected to this in the other, more 'serious' forums.

Please, FE, either remove the ads in the Games Forum, or include them in all Forums.

  Pine Man 19:13 29 Dec 2008

.... but they are adverts for GAMES!!!!!

That is exactly what this forum is about and they also help pay to run it.

  Marko797 20:04 29 Dec 2008

Discussed before, and you have actually contributed. I guess (hope) they sort it out all in good time:
click here

  tullie 20:48 29 Dec 2008

Some people whinge for no good reason.

  Si_L 23:00 29 Dec 2008

As I have said many times before on these forums, get Ad-block plus. The latest update took care of those annoying ads that you mentioned.

  IClaudio 12:24 30 Dec 2008

Then I shall wait eagerly for adverts for Help, adverts for Consumers, adverts for Web Site Building and adverts for Speakers in the coming months.

Marko797, yes I remember back that far, thanks for providing the link.

tullie, I thought my reasons were good, but tell me why they are not. The adverts are there, after all...

  Marko797 13:02 30 Dec 2008

I am totally with you on getting rid of the promo games stuff, esepcially as it's duplication of Games Zone stuff. So why not start a new thread canvassing support or views? U'd have my vote!

Problem is, that it would appear that some of original games forum participants/contributors have either left or don't visit as often as previously. Whether this is down to the promo stuff, would be difficult to prove however, without asking them.

Activity on this forum seems to be less than what it was when it first started, which is a real shame given how recent it came into being.

  Si_L 16:48 30 Dec 2008

Nobody listens to me.

  IClaudio 00:14 31 Dec 2008

Sorry, we hear you, but Ad-Block doesn't seem to stop the ads in this Forum (would that it did...)

  Si_L 00:16 31 Dec 2008

It didn't use to, then about a month ago Firefox updated it and now they don't come up.

  Si_L 00:16 31 Dec 2008

So try updating it, I meant to add to my last post.

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