7.1 for games? noob here please help

  Coxy_UK 15:11 20 Jan 2013

Hi bit of a noob here sorry, please bear with me.

I have the Gigabyte mobo Z77X-D3H with the Via VT2021 chip which supposedly can do DTS Connect and what have you, but there simply are no options for it, perhaps down to Gigabyte.

So to play games in 7.1 I assume I need a sound card. Can anyone please tell my which ones offer this ability oir what exactly I need to look for?

Many thanks.

  Forum Editor 15:15 20 Jan 2013

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  Chronos the 2nd 16:00 20 Jan 2013

You do not need a sound card as you already have DTS built into the motherboard.You will need to configure your setup. Enter the Windows Audio control panel to see the option to enable DTS.

  Coxy_UK 16:20 20 Jan 2013

No there honestly is no options for this, and the mobo doesn't say it will do DTS anywhere.

However, please ignore DTS...

Sorry to clarify I want to use my XP500 7.1 headset which is apparently Dolby Digital only not DTS. I've seen some articles about Dolby Digital Live but I haven't managed to solve my issue, I really don't know enough about it.

Budget... well whatever it takes really lol.

  Coxy_UK 16:35 20 Jan 2013

Aha! It appears the Turtle Beach Micro 2 USB will do the trick!!

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