2/3 yo Gaming PC - Price?

  ghost whistler 09:56 14 Jun 2015

This might be a weird question, but bear with me.

I'm interested in a gaming PC. But I can't afford anything cutting edge. I currently game on my laptop, which is not ideal though it works fine. I'd like something I can upgrade, but gaming PC's are not cheap (for me, ymmv), so I'd like to know when and for how much I could find something that can run games from at latest a couple of years ago. I can just about run Rome 2 on my laptop and that's as modern as I get right now. I don't need cutting edge.

I've no idea where or how i could search for something like this, but presumably people get rid of older machines all the time just to upgrade.


  wee eddie 11:39 14 Jun 2015

There are plenty of second hand machines on the market, but you must remember that they come with no Warranty, regardless of what the Seller may tell you.

Also, many Sellers have a grossly inflated idea of what their machine may be worth.

Best to pick it up in person and demand to see it working before you hand over any cash!

  mart7 12:04 14 Jun 2015

What is your budget ?

  ghost whistler 12:33 14 Jun 2015

I wouldn't want to spend more than £300. My laptop cost me £250.

There may well be plenty of machines on the market, but I don't know how to find what I'm looking for. I have no idea about graphic card models etc. My laptop is i5 2.5, 8gb ram, amd radeon 7550 hd (iirc).

  mart7 15:48 14 Jun 2015

£300 inc monitor,speakers keyboard and mouse?

  ghost whistler 18:53 14 Jun 2015

needn't include mouse, keys and monitor

  ghost whistler 18:53 14 Jun 2015

needn't include mouse, keys and monitor

  mart7 20:21 14 Jun 2015

There are plenty of new £300 base units on Amazon under Gaming pcs you may have to upgrade the graphics depends on which games you are playing also note some base units do not come with an operating system

  ghost whistler 20:51 14 Jun 2015

How would I find what I'm looking for? I don't know what the spec requirements would be as regards graphics cards. That's the point of this thread.

  wee eddie 21:19 14 Jun 2015

You get the fastest you can afford. All the way up to £1200. Anything less will not be satisfactory.

  mart7 21:49 14 Jun 2015

You have a very small budget for a gaming pc,this is a good base unit with a decent budget graphics card but you would need to add an operating system

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