XD M Type cards and Fuji Finepix M603

  mooly 14:11 31 Jan 2008

Hello, Has anyone any experience of using M type XD Cards with a FUJI FINEPIX M603 . Most advertisers and Fuji's compatability chart say Not Compatible, yet some advertisers say O.K. to use up to 2GB cards of the M type. I don't use video capture mode, just still pictures. Grateful for any advice.

  beynac 13:32 04 Feb 2008

If it's any help, I've got a H type 512MB card in my M603 and it works OK. However, I haven't 'stress-tested' it yet by trying to fill the card up.

  mooly 13:47 04 Feb 2008

Thanks for that beynac. There is just so much confusing info out there. I actually took the plunge and bought a Toshiba 1GB M type card yesterday at local computer fair.Initial results seem fine, card formatted O.K. and full amount recognised. Not tried video capture yet. Thanks once again, Karl

  beynac 14:23 04 Feb 2008

"There is just so much confusing info out there."

I couldn't agree more! I only realised that they had changed the cards after I bought the H type one and had used it. I read the back of the packaging before throwing it away and found that my camera was one of only two that wasn't compatible. Like you, I found conflicting advice. I posted on the Fuji forums but didn't get any replies.

Good luck.

  amonra 18:30 06 Feb 2008

I read somewhere,( cant remember where) that it's all to do with speed. If you try taking a video clip or a series of continuous shooting, then the system will "lock-up" because the data cant be stored fast enough, and also the heat generated doesn't do the memory any good. I lost a load of shots some time back due to corruption. Never got to the bottom of it but I think speed was at the root of the matter. Hope this helps.

  T0SH 18:57 06 Feb 2008

I think you will fine the reason for pushing you to buy Fujifilm H type is simply that they cost more and that most buyers are scared to take the chance on the M type, not in my experience that they work any better or worse than the M type do

Cheers HC

  mooly 11:40 08 Feb 2008

Thanks again for all your experiences of this, interesting that you find the "H" cards O.K. Logically they seem the better choice, yet some compatabilty charts show products that can use both the original and "M" types, as not working with the "H" type. If any issues come to light I will post them here.

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