www.mobical.net - sync your phone online!

  silverous 19:28 24 Jul 2006

Awesome little service this... I got a new phone and didn't have the software to sync my motorola to get the contacts to the new phone. So I found the "sync" option on the phone, setup a (free) account with mobical, then uploaded all my contacts, calendar, tasks etc. This took minutes (including setting it up).

I then put the details into the new phone and it connected and downloaded all the details also.

I can switch it off now but think I might well keep it as a good online backup!

  sean-278262 22:55 24 Jul 2006

I would be a bit worried at offering an online service my mobile numbers. Cold calling et al.

  silverous 09:26 25 Jul 2006

It depends on how trusting you are of their terms and conditions which state they won't do that, although it did occur to me. It is a very comprehensive tool which they seem to have invested a lot of time and money in, not some mickey mouse operation so I trust they don't want to throw that away by (illegally) passing my contacts on.... maybe thats naive.

  sean-278262 20:29 25 Jul 2006

While they say they wont, what happens when they get bought out? IIRC this happened with a call centre company the main parent company purchased them and all their logs and then started using this information (illegally???) To call customers. I am sick of this happening with my email address on sites thus why I have a spam email address that is checked once a week and the main one for propper correspondance.

  silverous 08:59 26 Jul 2006

If you have signed up to T&Cs I'd be surprised if they can be changed by a parent company without your agreement.

If that was a worry you wouldn't give your name and address to anyone and unfortunately that is very difficult in this day and age.

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