World’s smallest Freeview adaptors

  GaT7 18:02 23 Sep 2005

For TV - the size of a pack of playing cards, by Bush: click here [Review: None available yet / Purchase: click here (& scroll down) - available in Oct 2005.]

For Laptop (& PCs) - the size of a USB memory stick, by Freecom:
click here [Review: click here / Purchase: click here]

Has anyone tried the latter? G

  BT 08:35 24 Sep 2005

I've got a Hauppauge unit and its about the size of a portable CD player. Its about 3 years old now.

  tonyx1302 21:32 26 Sep 2005

Following on from your post, I have just ordered the Bush idaptor from Electronic Zone as a present for our son. E/Zone had a few delivered today and say it will be with me by Fri. I will post back when it's up and running

  GaT7 22:35 26 Sep 2005

OK, thanks Breitling. I was beginning to wonder if I'd posted in the wrong forum - to get more responses that is. G

  Forum Editor 23:28 26 Sep 2005

that I'm going to get one for my wife's aged aunt, who has been talking about getting a Freeview box. I should think these will sell like the proverbial hot-cakes when they hit the market.

  jack 08:57 27 Sep 2005

Looking at the Bush Digi adaptor illustration
it shows the the scart connector and the what appears to the RF inlet.
The back side cannot be seen, but one hopes it is a 'through scart' there ,other wise other scart reliant devices - VCR/DVD are out the window on single scart TV's

  GaT7 21:27 28 Sep 2005

I'm thinking of getting the Freecom DVB-T for a friend & his wife, to use with their laptop computer.

They have a telly but only use it for videos/DVDs/games, so don't pay for a TV Licence.

I don't want to get it for them, only to discover that they'd need to fork out for a licence, so I've just sent TV Licencing a message about the same.

Before I purchase, I also need to know how good (or bad) it is. If anyone who owns one (or similar) or seen it in action, please let me know. Ta, G

  BRYNIT 22:38 28 Sep 2005


They will need a TV licence click here

  GaT7 23:06 28 Sep 2005

Thanks BRYNIT, your link doesn't work, but the URL seems to point to this:

"What if I only use a TV to watch videos/DVDs/as a monitor for my games console? Do I still need a licence?

You need to notify us in writing that this is the case and one our Enforcement Officers may need to visit you to confirm that you do not need a licence.

Please write to us including your name, address and the reason you believe that you don't need a licence at:

TV Licensing
BS98 1TL"

You say they will need a licence. How did you come to this conclusion from the above info?

Or, were you actually intending to post the next one on the list, which says, "....Under the Communications Act 2003, you need a television licence to receive or record television programmes"...?

All the FAQs mention TVs - no mention even of computer TV tuners. Anyway, let's see what they have to say in their reply. G

  GaT7 18:18 29 Sep 2005

Thanks crx1600 - I missed that. So BRYNIT, you were right as well. G

  GaT7 17:37 30 Sep 2005

Received a repy from TV Licensing today saying that a licence would be required - "...A licence is also required if a TV-enabled personal computer is used to record or receive television programmes..."

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