WMA files from Network HDD to analogue amp?

  Adam_WMids 20:42 12 Nov 2007


I have recently purchased an ethernet network hard disk on which I have started storing my media (only interested in music) library. I've always used windows media player and so my files are pretty much all WMA format.

Now the files are accessible on my network, I would like to be able to play them through my sound system in the lounge. What I want is a (small/low powered) device which will attach to my ethernet network and read from a networked hard disk drive or other storage on the network and play the music files, outputing to standard audio inputs on the back of my sound system.

I don't know if such a device exists or where I might find one if they do - or what they might be called. Can anybody help?

Regards and thanks,


  brundle 21:48 12 Nov 2007

Something like this; ?click here

There are a few around other than that particular model, most have the display etc and do a bit more than you require

  Adam_WMids 18:51 14 Nov 2007

Your Reply was of great help in pointing me in the right direction - I had no idea what to start looking for, so thank you.

However, that isn't quite what I was looking for. I have a networked hard disk and wanted to connect directly to that with some sort of device which would output to my stereo. Whilst the product you linked to (thanks - very convenient!) would allow files from the networked drive to be linked to my stereo, it can only do this via a piece of software running on my PC.

I have since looked at a number of other similar devices (Logitech/SlimDevices' SqueezeBox and Pinnacle's HomeBridge). These too, work in the same fashion. They link to a PC which has to be turned on. The PC runs a program which feeds data to the devices for them to play. The PC program can be configured to send data from a number of sources including the networked drive.

What I would like ideally is a similar device which can simply access the networked hard disk without having to leave a PC turned on and running, using electricity and the earths resources...

I would have thought the implementation of such a device would be simple. It would be like the existing products but would also have a simple operating system which had the capability of reading from various locations and streaming this data to the rest of the device. Such locations could be set by accessing the device over the network through an html interface.

I can't find any device out there which will do this. Does anybody know of one which i've missed?



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