Wireless networking for a layman

  Flopper 16:21 29 Dec 2006

I may have asked this question before but I am struggling to set up a wireless network and I need advice from someone who can talk to me as though I am simple.
I have got 3 PCs wired up to a wired Netgear router sharing a 2mb Broadband connection.
I also have a laptop and wireless netgear router.
My intention is to run the laptop and the PCs through the wireless router and then discard the wired router.
I have tried various permutations and basically screwed up so I need simple instructions on how to do this.
Once I go into the wireless routers setup screen I should be able to plug the PCs in and they should be able to get out on the 'net? Also I am told if I give my laptop a gateway address the same as the IP address of the wireless router I should be able to get out also?
I did this and I could log onto my network but I could not get out onto the 'net.
Any suggestions?

  Forum Editor 23:27 29 Dec 2006

get rid of the wired router.

Now connect one of the computers (it doesn't matter which one) to the wireless router via any one of its LAN ports. Use the cable that came with the router, and connect the other end to the computer's LAN port.

Plug the broadband phone line cable into the port on the back of the router - it can only go in one socket, and that's clearly marked.

Now plug the router into a power socket and turn it on.

Launch Internet explorer on the computer and type the IP address provided in the router's setup manual into the address bar. Press the enter key and login to the router using the username and password provided in the manual (often these are 'admin' and 'admin')

Once into the configuration pages, follow the setup manual to the letter, entering your ISP login details in the appropriate place. When you've finished, save the settings to the router as instructed and watch while it logs you into your broadband account - you'll see the various lights flashing as it connects.

Once the connection is established you can sht down Internet explorer and connect the opther computers - either via LAN cables or via their wireless adapters if they're installed.

You should now be able to access the internet on all the machines. If you have problems, try disabling any firewalls that you have turned on.

  Tim1964 00:57 30 Dec 2006

What model router is it and who is your ISP?

  Forum Editor 08:50 30 Dec 2006

is also by Netgear - in which case the username will be 'admin' and the password will be 'password' (without the quote marks of course).

  Flopper 20:17 05 Jan 2007

Got the wireless network working by doing something I am sure I have done before.
Apparently I bought the wrong wireless router.
However, by running a network cable from the spare 4th port on the wired router in to which the 3 PCs are connected, and running the other end into the 'internet' port on the wireless router I am now wireless, albeit with 2 routers rather than one, but I can remedy that if I so wish by buying the correct router.

  Strawballs 00:28 07 Jan 2007

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