Wireless Audio Kit.

  Big L 266 11:21 08 Oct 2010


I had one of my rare days out and wandered into Maplins for a browse. Unexpected,my gaze was directed towards a wireless audio kit which can transmit and receive audio between a PC and hi-fi.

I asked the assistant if this would work with Windows Vista Home Premium and would it link to my 1995 Arcam CX amplifier and replay via my 1995 Mission Tower speakers which are all linked with expensive cables? I also asked if I could play my music collection via my Winamp Pro? He and I went through the kit specs and eventually decided to buy it.

The pack contains a USB wireless transmitter in the form of a dongle which just sits in a USB port.The wireless audio receiver sits around 15' away so is well within the range of its 50 metre range. Its a simple 'plug & play' item which has a 3.5mm jack to twin RCA phono outputs. I've currently got a set of RCA jack plugs on order to replace the 3.5mm jack.

I'm also very lucky to have a 16/18meg download speed.I'm currently listening to Classic FM on the hi-fi and it sounds very good indeed.I have also played some of my music collection through it and it too sounds great.I think the RCA phono input/outputs will make a much bigger difference though.

I'm slowly trying to reduce my cabling and also have an fm headset connected to the amp and even the sound through them via this audio kit sounds good. As someone who has disabilities,I'm glad to be able to remove some of the wiring.

I thought I'd just share this nice little find with you.Not a bad purchase for £39.99 this!

Big L 266

  Chris the Ancient 11:54 08 Oct 2010

Looks neat!

A link for interested people click here

  Big L 266 18:06 08 Oct 2010


ChrisTheA....It is indeed a neat little gadget and the link for the specific product is as below...

click here

Its stats are as follows:-

Frequency 2400MHz-2483MHz
Channel No 38.
Data rate 4Mbps
Wireless Range Up to 150 ft (50 metres)
Audio resolution 16-bit/44.1Khz
Interface USB 1.1.
Power Type USB Power 5V
Power Consumption Working 45mA.

Hope this helps.

Back to the music!

Big L 266

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