will blu ray really replace dvd as a storage medium?

  theDarkness 19:13 05 Mar 2009

I was wondering how long it takes to burn onto a single layer blu ray, and after finding out it can take anything from 40mins to well over an hour, im thinking blu ray is nothing more than a brief stepping stone towards proper next gen storage. The majority of movie watchers seem quite happy with standard dvds to watch movies, so its hard to tell exactly when blu ray will really hit the masses at a more friendly price.. by then the next tech will probably be here! As a serious storage medium, scratching a blu ray and losing that much data would be terrible, but then i guess with this much to store, thats what an external hard drive is alot better for. Has anyone tried burning onto a single or dual layer blu ray yet-do u have an opinion-are they hard to scratch, do they really last, and comparing to regular dvd-rs, is the chance of a good burn alot higher? Thanks for any opinions if anyone has tried blank blu ray for backing up..

  FatboySlim71 22:56 06 Mar 2009

I read the other day somewhere that they have found a cheaper way to produce the Blu Ray players(I can't remember the exact details now) and also the disks if I remember correctly.

  theDarkness 15:19 07 Mar 2009

I think its a cheaper license that covers all disc formats, so hopefully much cheaper discs.. one day! Im not sure if they will ever be acceptable for long term storage, but then that should probably be said for all disc media. I think they will become popular once they are recognised alot more, perhaps when blu ray becomes the first choice for movie watching, for example. as far as films are concerned i think they will probably only catch on once they reach a similar price level to dvds today.. but by that time (when everybody has a widescreen?) the next format will probably be well on its way. lol. probably have to just wait and see. im not sure when blank dvds started being used on a wide scale for storage, and cheap, but im pretty sure it took a very long time. This is what i found for blu ray this yr:-
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