Will a 5.1mega pixel photo enlarge to A1 size ok?

  kenwyn 06:31 28 May 2009

I have a voucher to get a photo printed at A1 size onto canvas at a local Kodak Express outlet. I am thinking of taking a photo on my Fuji Finepix 5.1 mega pixel camera, then possibly enhancing it using some software before saving it for printing - what would be the optimum setting for both taking the picture and then saving it, to ensure as detailed a final print as possible?

  laurie53 08:02 28 May 2009

I'm no expert, but I would have thought 5.1 a bit low for A1.

However, the fact that it is going on to canvas means that you are not going to get a glass crisp reproduction anyway.

  Noels 08:09 28 May 2009

I agree with laurie53 but before you take the photo,store it and manipulate it yourself. I would ask your Kodak Express outlet what they advise. Most of there outlets do a good job of manipulating photos to arrive at the best presentation.

  ^wave^ 08:27 28 May 2009

try here click here
it gives a rough idea of sizes per mega pixel

  dms_05 09:10 28 May 2009

Don't forget that the apparent sharpness of the print depends upon the viewing distance. So where will you mount the end product.

As you get to higher pixel counts you also begin to see the effect of good/poor optics used in the camera.

In other words it's not straight forward!

  ventanas 16:15 28 May 2009

An interesting point of view

click here

  skidzy 08:32 09 Jun 2009

" I am thinking of taking a photo on my Fuji Finepix 5.1 mega pixel camera "

Without going into a mine field of information,a lot will depend on the camera itself and the user actually taking the shot.

For a quick example;

If the shot is taken with a point and shoot compact camera and the detail is not sharp enough....you will struggle to blow this up to your requirements.

However,if you are using a dslr or similar higher spec camera than a budget compact point and shoot,you should be fine,simply for the fact of the camera's sensor and processor chip.

My advice would be to use a tripod or rest the camera on something solid to take the shot...and if possible,use a remote device or self timer.This will guarantee you get the sharpest shot possible that retains the clarity and sharpness.
Obviously the photo you take can be tinkered with various software to enhance certain areas if so wished.

To be honest,provided the photo is clear and sharp and bearing in mind its going on canvas...you should be ok.

Just out of curiosity,what model Finepix is the camera ?

  Bob S 15:08 17 Jun 2009

Why not get a print onto photo paper first and see what it's like before you spend your money on a more expensive canvas print! I have made some excellent A4 prints from photos taken on a Samsung V50 5mp camera — and I'm very fussy about definition!

  Proclaimer 22:09 04 Jul 2009

then print a section of the image yourself and see what the section it looks like on good Photo Paper, then decide.

  Stuartli 10:52 05 Jul 2009

My seven-year-old Minolta 2MP digital camera provides excellent and detailed A4 prints - a lot of this is down to a first class 3x zoom lens (as per the point made by skidzy).

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