Les 09:49 17 Oct 2006

I'm thinking of using WiFi to connect two computers to each other and to my Broadband perovider (BT) - using Linksys

I'm worried that I may well pick the wrong items to do this - having no knowledge of WiFi other than reading various guides from which I get the impression that setting up is relatively easy (is it?). I'm assuming that, when set up, not only can each machine access Broadband but also each other, exchanging files etc. - is that so?

What I would like is the personal experience and satisfaction (or otherwise) with your choices. This may help me in coming to a decision.

  Les 09:52 17 Oct 2006

Too late I noticed the Networking section of the forum and so, this post should have been placed there. Sorry! Perhaps FE will kindly move it there - thanks.

  Danoh 12:26 17 Oct 2006

Until the FE moves this, or if my answer is sufficient, just tick this as resolved and post your next queries (you will have some, no doubt!) in a new Networking forum thread;

The setup steps are relatively easy but the sequence must be followed fairly strictly as its networking.
There are a lot of potential barriers to effective wireless signals within a typical European house, but there are lots of tricks/tips to get round these. Wired networking is still more reliable and has the fastest throughput capacity (at least until and unless the new 802.11n kit is out, after 2008).

Once, wireless (or wired) networking is setup, yes each machine will have _shared_ broadband access and can be set up to access/edit files on other connected machines, as well as printer(s) attached to those in turn.

Personally I use MIMO (pre-N) kit (one Belkin router & Linksys wireless "receivers", plus standard laptop wireless) with max security settings for complete wireless networking throughout the house and garden.
90+% reliability (wired is more like 99+%) and sufficient data throughput for multi-media streaming.

  Danoh 12:56 17 Oct 2006

P/S all you will need for 2 computers is; 1 wireless router which should come with a short ethernet cable, and a wireless adapter/"receiver" for your 2nd computer to connect wirelessly.
And a LAN networking card for your 1st computer if it does not already have that capability.

  Les 13:39 17 Oct 2006

Thanks Danoh for your reply - I have learned something from your reply - I wasn't aware that a reduction in speed was experienced, though, on reflection I suppose that is why you have speedbooster and pre-n. I will do as you suggest and tick this post as resolved and start a new one in the correct forum. Again, my thanks.

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