Why won't my V+ box record radio channels?

  Onizuka 15:25 13 Jun 2008

My V+ box (Virgin Media’s equivalent of the Sky+ box) can pause, rewind and record all the TV channels but if my TV is tuned to one of the many radio stations now available via digital TV and I press Pause or Record a message appears on the screen as follows:
Attention: These functions are not available when tuned to a radio channel: Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, Instant Replay, Record.

I couldn’t get any sense out of Virgin who told me that I couldn’t record because “it’s audio, you can only record films, not music. It’s just like years ago when you weren’t supposed to record music off the radio and you couldn’t record a film onto your tape recorder or a DVD player. It’s a different wavelength”.

Quite what I was supposed to make of that explanation is beyond me.

Can anyone tell me please why these very useful facilities cannot be used for the radio channels?

  BT 17:12 13 Jun 2008

It works fine on my FREEVIEW HDD recorder so I can't see why it won't on Virgin. Have you tried recording them on an external VHS or DVD recorder.

  BT 17:22 13 Jun 2008

Have a look here too, they may be able to help

click here

  Onizuka 16:19 15 Jun 2008

Thanks for your two posts. The advantage of the V+ box is that, with its own hard drive, recording is simplicity itself. You simply highlight a programme on the EPG and press Record, either a single programme or a whole series. Similarly, the ability to Pause a live TV programme when the phone rings or someone comes to the door is really useful. What I want to know is why this facility does not work with the radio channels. Yes, I can record them on my combination VHS/DVD recorder but this shouldn’t be necessary.

Thanks for the link to the Chetnet Forum. I hadn’t come across it before. Unfortunately I could find nothing in it to answer my query.

  BT 16:34 15 Jun 2008

As I said my Freeview box also has a Hard drive and the same facilities as the V+, EPG selection, Pause etc. and does also record radio channels.

  Onizuka 16:47 15 Jun 2008

Yes, I had assumed that. It’s obviously something to do with the way Virgin have configured their box. I’m hoping that perhaps there is a member of this Forum who works for Virgin and can explain why the V+ doesn’t work like your Freeview box.

  dfh 17:02 15 Jun 2008

I dont know if this is correct or not but see here
click here

  BT 07:52 16 Jun 2008

"You can't record the radio channels on the V+ box for Technical reasons.

The speed of playback off the disc is controlled by looking at timecodes in the video stream. Which is a bit of a problem if there's no video. It may be fixed in a future software update by recording separate timecodes for radio channels."

Perhaps that's why there's a channel logo on the screen when tuned to Freeview radio channels

  dfh 11:30 16 Jun 2008

Sorry, I wouldn't know. Having both V+ box and freeview tv I rarely listen to the radio.

  Onizuka 15:50 03 Jul 2008

The explanation above that you can’t record the radio channels for technical reasons seemed reasonable but that didn’t explain why Virgin couldn’t say so and I posted the same question on their website. I have just today received a phone call from Virgin (despite my requesting a reply by e-mail only) who inform me that it is against the law to record radio programmes. Virgin have configured their V+ boxes to prevent recording radio stations “otherwise they’d be in trouble with OFCOM”.

Can anybody confirm this?

  BT 16:44 03 Jul 2008

I can't see any difference between recording Radio or TV broadcasts, as long as its only for you own use.

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