Which Satellite serves UK Sat TV

  tigertop2 22:00 14 Mar 2009

This has probably a simple answer--I hope

What is the number of the satellite serving UK TV channels? I know it is Astra but is it Astra 1C, 1e or whatever?

Reason is I have just installed an external Compro Videomate S500 sat TV tuner. My first Scan showed 340 progammes of all sorts and I want to weed them out a bit. I have scanned all the Astra Channels and I suspect I need to use one whose footprint covers just Scotland. Great picture quality though.

  Arnie 00:03 15 Mar 2009

This should answer your question.

click here


  tigertop2 09:56 15 Mar 2009

Thanks Arnie

I'll have a browse through that lot

  Forum Editor 17:28 15 Mar 2009

in the UK is Astra 2D

If you want to see the footprints for the whole of the Astra satellite fleet click here

  tigertop2 18:23 15 Mar 2009

I will look at the link. Although PCA gave this Tuner a pretty good review I have found the software to be rather 'clunky' and the manual is in fractured English to put it kindly. But I have got it working fairly well albeit with a lot of junk channels. Tuning on just D may be the answer.
Thanks for the info.

  Arnie 19:08 16 Mar 2009

If your satellite receiver has whet your appetite, have a look at this site.

click here
It's is a mine of information.

I use the Manhattan Plaza XT-F receiver with 2 LNB's, 90cm fixed dish and a 2-way DiSEqC switch.


  tigertop2 10:31 17 Mar 2009


There are some seriously fingerlickin goodies in that link! Right now I would be happy if the very clunky software on my new Compro Videomate S500 ext tuner would work properly. It drops the signal every time I switch the PC off So far no answer to this in the Compro forums and I see others have the same problem. But we will persevere as when it is working it is excellent.(
Yes latest drivers and software but still it goes to the wrong sat link every time.)

  Arnie 15:49 17 Mar 2009

I'm pleased that you found the link interesting.

I've ordered quite a few items from The Satellite Superstore and have always found that their after sales support and delivery times very good.

They dropped their 0870 contact number quite a while ago in preference to the 01207 prefix which is welcomed.

I hope you eventually find a fix for improved software for your receiver.
Even terrestrial freeview TV software can be a pain.
Panasonic and Samsung are very good. Though sometimes I wonder if my smaller 19" Philips set's software was concocted by a Walt Disney production cartoon team.
The programme guide is atrocious.

Finally, have you seen the Compro Videomate S500 review?

click here


  tigertop2 17:45 17 Mar 2009

Arnie ,

I bought an S500 last week as I was a bit concerned about putting a TV card right next to my ATI 4870 GPU fan in the only available PCI slot. (I was having a grouse in email correspondence with Alex Watson, Editor of Custom PC about my Asus P6T motherboard not having more PCI slots available when large GPUs overhang existing ones. He has convinced me to forget about cooling problems that might occur with a TV card.

Just as well as I have found the software on the S500 card is really clunky. It keeps dropping the signal when you switch your PC off and on and so far tech support at Comprousa have not responded to my email on this . Another guy on their forum is having similar problems. When it works it is good but if one has to rescan every time you open your PC it becomes a joke to far.

So I am awaiting arrival of a alternative internal sat card. Not Comprousa but Hauppauge.

They are quite good generally and I have 3 of their terrestial digital cards in use elsewhere

My Panasonic 32" HD system is quite the best TV I have ever had and the Freesat system works perfectly via a Humax HD receiver I am a total convert of Panasonic . Wish they did PC Sat cards!!!

  Arnie 00:31 18 Mar 2009

I think you will find Hauppauge a far more reliable make. It's coincidental that I have only just today given my Hauppauge WinTV PCI slot analogue board to my grandson.

I used it for about a year mostly for saving certain teletext info. BBC text was supported.
It could also pick up a few channels from the ntl cable system. (UHF-VHF fitted tuner).

I also have a Panasonic 32" LCD TV and a 26" Samsung LCD TV. Both excellent sets.
I love Panasonic's large clear user manuals.

I don't like my 19" Philips LCD TV, the software display is rubbish, though the picture is ok.

What size dish are you using with your satellite receiver.


  tigertop2 17:14 19 Mar 2009

Just to finally close this post. I have given up on the Compro Videomate S-50 sat box. Have now installed Hauppauge sat card wich worked perfectly on installation.
Did get a short reply form Compro giving me a link to different drivers and software. These were even worse! Having Comprousa's tech side. This S500 is going to be RMA'd as unfit for purpose if Comprousa cannot come up with an answer that works in the next 48 hours . I wasted a lot of time over 3 days on this product. Great when it works but the software is just plain unstable

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