Which PDA !

  curlylad 21:29 10 May 2006

I was thinking of buying a sat nav device for my motor, however I have looked at the possibility now of buying a PDA instead as these can have the sat nav type software installed and do all the other PDA type things.Plus the added bonus that they do not have to be left in the car, you just put in your pocket at the end of your journey.

My question then to all you PDA experts, can I have some suggestions of good PDAs with the features I have stated starting at as low a price as you can find upto around £250.

Thanks in advance

  curlylad 22:56 10 May 2006

Come on people, any help ?

  Charence 23:16 10 May 2006

When you say, it doesn't have to be left in your car, is that including the GPS equipment? If not then the following PDA seems to meet your requirements.

Palm Tungsten E2
£135.25 - click here OR
£132.50 - click here
Palm Tungsten E2 GPS Kit
£117.48 - click here

  curlylad 01:18 11 May 2006

Thanks for the links but I was looking for something with the sat nav software installed already.

  Charence 07:53 11 May 2006
  anchor 15:13 11 May 2006

Have a look at this site;

click here

  curlylad 17:59 11 May 2006

Thanks guys this is exactly what I was looking for.

Many thanks to all who helped !

  rdave13 23:37 11 May 2006

I have a Dell Axim PDA with Tom Tom sat nav installed. It works very well but if you loose the battery charge( like I did ) then it's a pain to reinstall everything. Nex time I will go for a dedicated sat nav system like Tom Tom. They can be removed from the vehicle, just like a PDA.

  anchor 09:23 12 May 2006


I now use a TomTom Go 700, but previously used a Ipaq PDA, with TomTom Navigator. As you say, if the battery on the PDA runs down, the TomTom programme is lost. I don`t know about the Axim, but the Ipaq includes an effective backup/restore programme.

After everything was running well with the Navigator installed, I backed up to a spare SD card. When I accidentally let the battery run down, it was only a very few minutes job to get all back to normal again.

I believe it is a version of this programme:

click here

  driving man 20:50 19 May 2006

Have a look in halfords for Medion p100 --its just under 200 squid and has pocket windows installed and also Sat Nav at street level for UK and most of europe . Can be hand held for walking and comes with bicycle mount and car screen mount. uk is preloaded but other countris need to be put on your PC hard drive from the cd roms supplied. Can also take voice notes + the "voice does not continually tell you to make a U Turn if you go wrong way but works out new route. Bought one for my wife and was so impressed got one for myself. As a Sat Nav it is better than the one factory fitted in my Jag

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