Which one of 19" screens are to be the "one"

  Atasas 09:32 10 Jun 2006

What 19" tft should I get? Once my eys started to go funny, that's final!got to get one!
I've decided to ask for advice

  Atasas 09:34 10 Jun 2006

Samsung SM920N 19" LCD Silver 8ms Monitor
AG Neovo F-419 TFT 19" Monitor
BenQ FP91G+ 19" TFT 8ms 550:1 DVI
19" Digimate L-1925 TFT with DVI
Ebuyer MJ9C 19" 600:1 12ms (1280x1024) DVI
19" AMW M199DS 8ms Silver Black DVI Multimedia TFT
Xerox XA3-19 19" Ultra Slim TFT 8ms 500:1
Acer AL1916WS 19" Widescreen TFT

  Atasas 09:35 10 Jun 2006

What Are the significant parameters?- is it responce, contrast ratio, coating, resolution, quality of build, conections, brand? (prices are slighly vary within 170 and not all specs are avialable)
Reviews like "Briliant/ outstanding/great!- they all come from a "newbees" like me- once deserted old CRT's... Some advice? Please!

  tony58 09:35 10 Jun 2006

go for a viewsonic

  Atasas 09:52 10 Jun 2006

Thanks, Viewsonic 19" TFT VA902 1280x1024 75hz/ VIEWSONIC VA1912W 19" Widescreen, 16:10 ratio, 8ms or else?
NEC AccuSync LCD92VM
Though all of these are just above my 170 budget(couple of days ago it was 150)

  Atasas 12:39 10 Jun 2006

well, it looks, I will end up with
Dell UltraSharp 1906FP AIO SF only compatible with Optiplex Small Form Factor (SFF) systems- Whatecer it means...

  GaT7 00:38 13 Jun 2006

"What Are the significant parameters?" Depends to some extent on what you're mainly going to use it for. If you have to choose between an analogue-only & one with digital (DVI) go for the latter (check that your graphics card has a DVI socket). You only really need superfast response times if you're a gamer. Widescreen or not? Depends on personal preference. Try to visit a high street retailer & have a look at some monitors firsthand.

The Viewsonic VA902 at under £165 incl del. click here.

Be aware that there are 2 versions of the AG Neovo F-419. One is the older lower spec version click here. The newer higher spec one click here is only £6 more. A review of the older version when it was more than double the price click here.

The Digimate L-1918 click here (from the Aria Specials click here) at only £135 (excl del) is probably the best value 19" DVI TFT around at the moment. The Digimate L-1925 in your list is about £17 dearer click here.

Good luck with final choice & purchase : )) G

  Atasas 15:48 13 Jun 2006

I've already got a acer al1916w, just tryed/ adjusted...
and dissapointed, have to say: to anyone having threir eys strain of to much time in front of pc- changing from crt to tft want do nothing (apart few £ waisted)
Before Ive ordered this screen I did check ATX and AMW screens in nature- was'nt impressed, nor I can say that acer is much better
Final review: it's down to individual needs and own physical obsiervation... all of the reviews "briliant, great..." they are reviews only, When it comes to ViewSonic- check it out - might be less disapointed, than it hapened to me...

  GaT7 19:48 13 Jun 2006

Well, I was going to suggest not to rush into purchasing one - after all one spends the entire time on a computer gazing into the monitor.

Please let us know what adjustments you made? What don't you like compared to your CRT monitor?

Have you tried ClearType click here (more info click here).

Perhaps someone else with the same/similar monitor can help you get a better picture.

I've yet to get a TFT - may get one for Christmas (when prices have hopefully fallen). G

  Atasas 13:29 14 Jun 2006

Hello again, thanks for threads, which has only proven my point- OK colours- galore; OK it's widescreen( feels a lot eassye to see details); OK- its lot faster and more colourfull than other two... ; yes- looks good(trendy)...
Picture is to bright! (on 0 adjustment all together owfull(blury), so I've got it at 10%), looks ever so plasticky( apart from when wathing a movie), Finnese of detail on crt is miles away. I can not say that this screen is going to be any more tolerable for my eys strain (my primary reason for purchase).

  Atasas 13:30 14 Jun 2006

Adjustments- there is very litle to adjust, apart from screen advanced setings(ones that I ended up seting back to default). My Graphiks card(Nvidia riva TNT2 64 mb) was perfect for crt and somebody sugested to change that?
My conclusion: do not buy any lcd based upon reviews, do not buy the screen before you have been able to test it yourself (afraid high street stores...). LCD does nothing better for your eys sight (better option to get crt filter). If you decided still that you need one( becouse of trendy looks & space saving) make sure you get better ones(I am dreading to imagine what would I have said if I would have bought bit cheaper one).Yes for a somebody spending litle time in front of it, a reasonable solution(not that expensive), but for a good screen u need lot more cash.
Good luck and patience to you all in having a reaserch done, before any LCD purchase

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