Which MP3 to have (£150 Budget :P)

  Spartaca-Faith 20:48 12 Dec 2005

Hey all,
Im looking to get a new mp3 player in January (When the electronics price drops :P).

However, the selection is AMAZING! I have only owned a small generic 128MB stick MP3 Player, never owned a Hard Disk drive.

Anyway, I have had a look and come to the conclusion I don't want an Ipod, as my brother has had huge problems with them before with their customer support.

So I narrowed it down to these 3:

Iriver 5/6GB H10
Creative Zen 20GB
Sony NWA1000S 6 GB

They all seem great, but the H10 and Creative have FM Radio and recording (I won't use them much, but maybe the radio once in a while and it seems nice to have :-P). The H10 has a colour screen with pictures, I found this to be pretty attractive, along with the Creatives and H10's touch navigation.
The sony navigation im not sure about, it dosen't say in many places what it is like :S. It looks very stylish indeed, along with ATRAC it can technically be a 12GB mp3 :P But then again, the Zen is 20GB. I only really need 3-5+ GBs anyway.

All of it seems nice but I am on a budget of £150, I am willing to push it SLIGHTLY futher for the extra features or better Mp3s.
Can I ask for advice on which to choose, if you don't have suggestions for other MP3s I could get that are just as good if not better?


  Totally-braindead 12:53 13 Dec 2005

All 3 makes have had good reviews and have good reputations. Suggest you do a google search for reviews and personally I'm not that keen on the Sony and would really consider the other two. If I was looking for one just for music files then I think I would be looking at 3 things. Size, can the battery be changed without it costing an arm and a leg and how long is the battery life. If you're waiting till January you might be better looking about then as there will probably be other models out then.

  bribert 00:47 14 Dec 2005

Had nothing but proplems with Sony switched to an Creative Zen and never looked back. Let us know what you decide.

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