Which mp3 to CD converter

  Skeletor 11:01 11 Jun 2009

I need to convert and burn a few mp3 files to cd so that they can be played on a regular cd player.

There seem to be a few free ones around. Can anyone advise which to consider and which to avoid?

I'm assuming, that once converted, it's a simple process to burn to CD.

Any pointers appreciated.


  Skeletor 11:03 11 Jun 2009

forgot to mention:

XP Home & Vista

  Stuartli 13:45 11 Jun 2009

Do you have Nero or similar burning program?

You can use Nero to do the conversion from within SmartStart before burning to disk.

  john bunyan 13:55 11 Jun 2009

ITunes is fine for this, and is free.You just tell it to burn a audio cd, and turns both m4p and mp3 to audio, and lets you make insert labels too.

  Skeletor 14:36 11 Jun 2009

Thanks guys,

Stuartli, Yep, I have Nero which I use a lot for video editing...didn't think to check it for audio conversion, doh!
Just had a quick look, looks like it will do what I want...just one more quick question:
What "Output file format" should I choose for playing in a regular cd player?

John, had itunes a couple of years back, but uninstalled it, can't remember why.


  Skeletor 15:01 11 Jun 2009

OK, think I've figured it out now.

Convert to WAV and then "Burn audio cd".

Hope I've got it right!

Cheers, Steve

  john bunyan 15:07 11 Jun 2009

I also have Roxio Creator 2009 - similar to Nero. You just burn an audio Cd from Mp3, - no need to convert to WAV.(At least I'm pretty sure you don't)

  Skeletor 18:04 11 Jun 2009

Thanks John,

Just had a go at burning a CD.
Yep, you're right, no need to convert.
Whoopee, no coasters, everything worked first time.



  karmgord 17:13 16 Jan 2010

i tunes will do it

  CKHSJ 08:09 09 Sep 2010

You should carefully when choosing a converter, some of them may have virus, you should choose the free and safe converter at first, if are useful, you can choose the Pro version of the related converter
Good luck.

  Joseph Kerr 16:39 17 Sep 2010

You know this now but for the benfit of anyone else - what john bunyan said; there is no ned to convert in nero, though I'm not familiar enough to comment on any other such programme.

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