Which HDD recorder?

  Kiah100 17:37 18 Jan 2008

I'm looking for a HDD recorder for my husbands birthday and would appreciate any advice....
I've been looking around and am I right that there isn't a HDD recorder out there that you can record one freeview channel whilst watching another?
What if you have an external set top freeview box? Would it be possible to get a recorder with digital that you can record off and watch the set top box at the same time? Sorry if that's a stupid question!
I've been looking at Sony and Panasonic models (about £250ish) - any advice on good ones?

  Simsy 18:24 18 Jan 2008

in your assumption that you can't watch one channel and view record another at the same time.

We have a Humax 9200T, (I think that's the model!!), which we've had for a year. It has 2 freeview tuners built in, so it can always record one and watch another.

However, becasue of the way freeview works, which is via "multiplexes", it is often possible to record 2 progas and watch a third simultaneously!

It depends on which the programmes concerned are.

Basically, if two of the programme concerned are on the same multiplex then they can both be "tuned into" simultaneously using a single tuner, leaving the other tuner still available.

I hope that makes sense!

From a user point of view the fact that there are 2 tuners is irrelevant; you don't see them. It just uses what tuners it needs to do what you ask of it. If you ask it to do something that would need a third tuner, it tells you it can't be done.

I hope that helps. Don't be put off by any apparent complication. It really is easy to use!

Good luck,



  Simsy 18:26 18 Jan 2008

Humax PVR9200T

And there is a forum for users of it that may help you.

click here



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:18 18 Jan 2008

I've been looking around and am I right that there isn't a HDD recorder out there that you can record one freeview channel whilst watching another?

The Onn twin tuner freeview £99.97 at ASDA will do what you want.

  BRYNIT 19:47 18 Jan 2008

The HUMAX PVR9200TB click here allows you to record one channell whilst viewing a second not sure what its like but the Gaget show gave the Humax a good review.

The only problem I have found with HDD recorders is that they will not record from an external source i.e. a Sky, Virgin media/NTL box you would need a DVD/HDD recorder for this.

  john bunyan 21:17 19 Jan 2008

The avvantage of a freeview DVD recorder is that you can burn tv stuff you want to keep to DVD and use it as a DVD player. I thought the Humax is a PVR (no disc burning?) If you have a set top box attached to your non freeview TV you can watch a freeview view programme on that while recording another on the DVD recorder. I strongly reccomend the Panasonic DMR- EX77. about the price you thought.

  anchor 15:55 20 Jan 2008

I have a Panasonic HDD/DVD, and can certainly recommend this brand.

  alB 16:20 21 Jan 2008

I've just bought the Onn twin tuner from Asda, very pleased with it. You can, if you wish, record two different channels at the same time or watch one,record one, or watch something you've already recorded and record at the same time, clever really for £100 ...alB

  Graham. 14:45 22 Jan 2008

I got a Sagem twin tuner recorder from Asda for £49. Mustn't grumble.

The only snag with using the program guide to set the recorder - if the program overruns, you miss the last bit. If it's really important, add 5 minutes to the end time.

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