Which DVD recorder?

  JYPX 14:54 23 May 2008

Can anyone suggest a budget (less than £100) DVD recorder that would respond to a Panasonic LXD series tv in the following way:
Tv set to record a freeview channel via the programme guide and then left in standby mode. TV switches on the built in freeview receiver at the appropriate time and then (hopefully) brings the dvd recorder out of standby to record the programme.
A Panasonic recorder will do this but of course does not need to as current models have their own freeview receiver.
Is this trick achieved by Q-link and is that unique to Panasonic or are there alternatives?
Of course what I am trying to avoid is making 2 sets of timer settings. What about this machine which is £80 at Asda??
click here

  jack 15:42 23 May 2008

I assume this particular TV has Freeview built in.?
In which case unless there is a specific Output port on the Machine[check your handbook]you will now be able to.
Buy the DVD recorder of Choice and a separate DigiBox.

  JYPX 15:57 23 May 2008

Yes - this model has freeview and can output same
to either of the scarts. It also has 2 X hdmi.
Don't wish to purchase a freeview box. Hoping
to proceed as outlined but looking for a possible alternative to Panasonic recorders.

  jack 17:30 23 May 2008

Are you certain of this?
SCARTS on TV's are[or have been] Input only
TV's are usually seen as recievers not generators of signal.
Stuff moves so quickly I stand to be corrected of course.
As for which Recorder- hard say so many brands and with in a price range tend to be generic - ie the only difference being the brand label'

A High end Sony perhaps
I have a Sony PVR which with a digibox does it all pretty well

  100andthirty 19:42 23 May 2008

it is not usual to record programmes this way. I am not familiar with Panasonic TV's with Freeview so am not aware of whether they have to feature you speak of or what it would be for.

Just like it was with Video, most DVD R's have built in tuners; you programme the DVD R to record from it's own tuner. Then you can record one programme whilst watching another. Cheap DVDR's have only analogue tuners. This:

click here

is £114.

if you want to record and aren't bothered about whether DVD or hard disk, there's always this:

click here

at £95. I have no idea if it's any good!

  JYPX 20:00 23 May 2008

Ok. Thanks for the responses guys. Am now thinking about a hard disc recorder.

  jack 20:03 23 May 2008

A good line.
The sockets on the TV are input only -as is normal

  Stuartli 22:17 24 May 2008

Probably the cheapest way is to buy a Freeview twin tuner Barebone DTR from Maplins (currently on offer at £40) and a hard drive with a capacity to suit your needs to fit into it. See:

click here

A 250GB drive is around £35 from Scan:

click here

Smaller capacity drives are obviously cheaper, but you get a substantially larger drive for very little extra money.

  JYPX 20:04 26 May 2008

Thanks Stuart. The question was on behalf of my sister who wants to dump the vcr. I have now persuaded her to use the money she saved on the Panasonic TV (I suspect that new models are due out) to buy the correct tool for the job - dvd recorder with freeview + hard disc. Probably the 120 gig Sony as I keep reading about the Panasonic machines being just a little bit choosy about which discs will work.

  100andthirty 22:25 26 May 2008

absolutely nothing to do with the topic, but in about 1982, I spent £400 on my first VCR - an absolutely huge Betamax. My last, a couple of years ago was £65 an SVHS machine

£75 for the equipment proposed by Stuartli is amazing

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