Which Compact Digital Camera???

  funkey_monkey 13:57 18 Apr 2006


i'm looking at buying a new compact digital camera. Presently I'm looking at the Sony DSC T* range and the Casio EX-S500.

Can anyone on here give me a heads up on them with recommendations and/or others to choose from.

Basically I am moving from a 10 year old cheap film camera (very basic model) and am looking for something with a low lag time that is easy to carry about.

Looking to spend as little as is needed as I've just bought a new PC as well.

I appreciate all advice and suggestions.


  Al94 19:38 18 Apr 2006

Many of these compact digitals take superb photos, but produce lass favourable results with flash. This can range from a weak flash with poor penetration to a washed out picture (noticed this referred to in a PCA review of a Ricoh this week on this site and bears out the experience of a friend of mine)I am also disappointed with the flash results from a Nikon Coolpix S3 which I bought a couple of months ago. I love its features, compact size that really does go unnoticed in a shirt pocket, it takes fantastic pics in normal light but the flash pics are truly awful as a result of lensflare causing spotting that at first I thought was dirt on the lense. Currently in discussion with Jessops re this. When looking at these cams, get them in your hand and try to give them as thorough a testing as possible. Good reviews here click here

  polo 16:55 21 Apr 2006

Go to click here where you can read everything there is to read about every camera. Top left hand corner there is a menu, click on 'camers' then say what make, then the model. Don't be tempted by some cheap offer, stick to makes such as Nikon, Cannon, Fuji, Olympus. Maybe best to get a second hand quality camera than a new cheap bargain. When you have decided what you want you can look a Jessops website to see if they have a used one. It doesn't say the price but tells you which branch any prticular camera is at and you can phone to ask about and they'll get it to a branch near you so that you can take a look at it. just a thought.

  GaT7 14:27 25 Apr 2006

Here's a table with shutter lag (SH) times compared:

Sorted by ascending SH times for ONE photo: click here

Sorted by ascending SH times for FIVE photos: click here

Another problem with most d'cams is that they don't focus very well in low light. Some are better than others - if this is important to you read the reviews concerning this before purchasing.

Apart from the above, the best image quality & megapixel rating for your budget, you may also require one with some manual control, larger optical zoom with image-stabilisation, etc, etc. My advice would be, not to rush into it - do your research well before purchasing. Remember, it's also down to how well YOU use all the features to get the best results.

More review sites: click here, click here, click here, click here, click here, click here & click here. Good luck with final choice & purchase : )) G


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