Which 35mm Slide Scanner

  Tonsie 11:24 28 Sep 2009

Can anyone recommend a good 35mm slide scanner
for about £150.I've loads of slides and would
like to use them on Windows Photo Gallery.
I did try Ion Deluxe Film 2sd but the quality
was so so poor it was return to sender.
All advice would be welcome.

  jack 12:30 28 Sep 2009

'Light in Lid' facility will do you for general works and digital slide shows and the like.
Epson [my choice] are particularly 'up' in this field for example
click here

  Tonsie 12:53 28 Sep 2009

Many thanks jack
Would this Epson scanner be compatible with
Vista Home Premium

  jack 20:06 28 Sep 2009

Tinsie asked
'Would this Epson scanner be compatible with
Vista Home Premium?'

Only Epson can answer that.

It is a driver issue
Likely answer is yes - but ask them

  Tonsie 22:26 28 Sep 2009

Many thanks jack,
You've answered my question

  Woolwell 22:26 28 Sep 2009

jack's link has a tab for drivers including Vista ones. My much older Epson scanner works with Vista. I don't know if you it comes with Vista drivers or whether you have to download them. Whatever it is important to follow the recommended installation order,

  Stuartli 13:33 29 Sep 2009

Another Epson similar to jack's model, but cheaper:

click here

  Tonsie 14:13 29 Sep 2009

Yes Stuartli
The V300 is what I will buy,and you are correct
it's cheaper,and the reviews much better.
Many thanks All

  jack 17:10 29 Sep 2009

The model I selected was at random not a recommendation- simply to get you to the appropriate page
Anyhow I am sure you will have made the right choice

  Tonsie 16:03 06 Oct 2009

UPDATE.I eventually bought the Epson v300 last week at our PC World for £78.Used it for the first
time today Brilliant.Once again many thanks all
for your advice.

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