Where Do the RAW files save to?

  Ex plorer 23:42 01 Oct 2009

Hi I cant say I am over impressed with sharpness from the Canon 40D I have tried 3 lenses and 2 are new 1 is old but very good. I am using the best L setting for JPEG shooting.
I have decided to try RAW the problem is where have they saved to.
I selected RAW on the PC before transferring from camera and then watched the 9 photos transfer to the folder of JPEG but they are not there.
I see I can select to improve on sharpness with in the 40D.

  Ex plorer 00:56 02 Oct 2009

After three hours of looking I have just found them in a folder, I have had ago at processing one and its a massive improvement over JPEG.
I will try to improve on sharpness with-in the 40D tomorrow it’s a lot easier with JPEG.
I am using Digital Photo Profesional it came with the camera and RAW defaults to it.
Are there any better or easier ones to to use.
Any help tips from users would be apreciated.

  hssutton 09:20 02 Oct 2009

One of the most frequently ask question from "new" DSLR users is "Why are my photos unsharp".

The main problem is usually down to technique ( camera shake) so try to use a faster shutter speed.

All digicams produce soft images, so sharpening has to be applied after the photo has been taken. With Jpg this is carried out in-camera within mico seconds of recording the image. On most camera the amount of sharpening can be altered from with-in the cameras menus.

When shooting Raw, especially with the Canon, no in-camera processing takes place. Processing is carried out in a Raw convertor on your PC. This convertor has default settings. So without any input from you will automatically apply setting similar to what you would get from in-camera Jpg processing.

Raw will give you better control over the final image than shooting in Jpg, also allows you to correct White Balance and more importantly will give you up to two stops variation on exposure.

DPP is an excellent piece of software and you can see vidio tutorials here. click here

  Ex plorer 15:45 04 Oct 2009

Hi hssutton All tests shots were taken with a tripod.
I have sharpened within the camera menue and am now satisfied with JPEG.

I found out since my post after down loading photos that they all look fuzzy until I increase the picture size on the screen by a very small amount.
One click of the scroll button made a huge difference to looking crisp and sharp.

Raw looks great and I will experiment between the two.

Thanks for the link and information and my apologies for not replying sooner.

  Ex plorer 16:01 05 Oct 2009

Hi is it possible to save shutter speed and f number on photos, I cant find any thing in the camera menues that may give this option.

  hssutton 18:54 05 Oct 2009

This can be set in some cameras via the menu. Not sure about the D40.

A number of Exif readers can do this quite easily, as will this one. It's freeware and even though it's no longer being updated it is very good. If you download this program, just select "Watermark" on the menu bar, from the panel that comes up you will be able to select "Copyright and any exif info you require and place the info anywhere on the photo.

click here

  hssutton 19:33 05 Oct 2009

D40, silly me wrong camera,let's try the 40D

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