What's the cause of this then?

  polo 21:46 24 Feb 2007

I have a Panasonic dvd recorder with hard disk. I have done about 100 recordings since getting it and apart from about 3or4 they have been fine but a few of them have imperfections in the recording. It's a job to describe, it's as if they skip a couple of frames every now and again, a sort of disruption mainly in the picture but in the sound a little. Every time you replay it the skips come in the same place so it would appear to be in the recording rather than the playback. I wondered if it was when I recorded on low quality but that is not the case. Anyone know the cause?

  bennyhillslovechild 21:56 24 Feb 2007

Polo - You don't mention the source you are recording from. I often get a few digital artifacts or skipped frames/sound on Sky particularly when weather is a bit rough, which living right on the North Norfolk coast it often is. To me it sounds like it was a glitch in the original signal that then got recorded, in a similar way that recording an old LP to casette would pick up some crackles and pops.

  polo 22:12 24 Feb 2007

I'm recording from terestial freeview from a loft aerial.

  Monoux 09:40 25 Feb 2007

Freeview can also * break up " for a few seconds and you get pixelation and sound crackles or pops. Mine does it in bad weather and even someone in the house turning on the shower will set it off

  Monoux 09:45 25 Feb 2007

Sorry posted too soon. I found that using a signal booster helped considerably in reducing the frequency ( no pun intended ) of this occurence

  anskyber 10:56 25 Feb 2007

Loft aerial. Have you used your TV menu to test signal strength, often a problem with loft aerials?

How old is the aerial? When you got freeview did you update to a wideband aerial type suitable for your area?

  Arnie 12:18 25 Feb 2007

Forget the signal booster.

If you are allowed to site your aerial outdoors this will give you a better signal to noise ratio.

  polo 15:39 25 Feb 2007

I have a new wideband aerial, the best that screwfix sell! All the signal strengths come out at 9/10 which surprised me given that the aerial is in the loft. I only tried it there on the off chance and then thought why put it up on the roof when it works so well in the loft. I think the cause is going to remain a mystery, just wanted to be sure there wasn't anything wrong with the DVD recorder and needed to get it fixed.

  Arnie 19:12 25 Feb 2007

Screwfix sell some very reasonably priced aerials and amplifiers.
Also their 'F' connectors and co-axial plugs are dirt cheap.

Very soon a new branch is opening in Stevenage I,m pleased to say. No more carriage charges on low value items.

  anchor 09:47 26 Feb 2007

You don`t say what model Panasonic you have, or how old it is. That you have only made about 100 recordings suggests it is not that old and still under warranty.

I bought the Panasonic DMR-EX75 in early January, and have never seen the fault you describe. I always record in LP mode, and can see no difference to a live broadcast.

There are a few owners on this forum with this machine, (also the DMR-EX85 with the larger HD). At the end of last year, when I was asking for advice, all reported excellent results with no mention of "frame skip".

I suggest contacting your dealer, as it is possible there is a fault.

  anchor 09:54 26 Feb 2007

One further thought:

Make some recordings via the analogue tuner, and see if they are any different to those made on the freeview digital tuner.

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