What Powerful DAB Radio Would You Recommend?

  Big L 266 10:20 24 Jul 2009

Hello. I live in a bungalow in Spalding Lincolnshire and my home is surrounded by houses and two large businesses.I rely on a small Sony FM portable radio to listen to at night in bed.I can just about get most stations except my own BBC Radio Lincolnshire.I do have an Intempo DAB radio but this only works on the windowsill kitchen and even there the reception isn't great.I do have Freeview for which radio reception is excellent and I do have access to internet radio.But it is the smaller personal portable radio that I do much of my listening with and have done so for the last 45 years.

I would like to purchase a small powerful portable DAB radio receiver to use in either my living room or bedroom.Since I believe that our DAB service comes from Grantham some 35 miles away,any such receiver would have to be powerful enough to draw in the signal.

My question is thus - what powerful DAB radio would you recommend and why please?

Any help,suggestions,advice etc would be gratefully appreciated.Thank you very much.

  johndrew 10:47 24 Jul 2009

We use a Pure Evoke 1 which does everything it says on the tin click here. There is an integral aerial which is essential for good reception but otherwise it fine.

The reason your current DAB radio has poor reception could be the aerial is either not high enough (screened by the adjacent buildings) or it is not correctly aligned for the signal. Your digital TV aerial is likely to be much higher and will be aligned.

As an aside, the `power` of the radio is in its ability to pick up weak signals. It can`t `draw` them in. The transmitter output (35 miles away) should be amply strong enough for the receiver to pick up with its aerial correctly aligned. Before you spend money on a new radio perhaps you should try retuning and/or aligning the extending aerial on your current DAB portable - you may be lucky and find a good spot.

Pure radios have recently been advertised by Morgan Computers click here. The are generally re-worked units but have a full guarantee and are much cheaper than those in stores.

  Stuartli 11:12 24 Jul 2009

The general concensus (as johndrew will be aware) is that the Pure models are the blueprint for such products.

It's also the view of the majority of those who work in the audio/visual retail trade.

  Big L 266 12:09 24 Jul 2009

Hello.I'm much obliged about the Pure Radio suggestions and have added their website to my 'favourites' bar.I'll be investigating further.

Its true to say no matter where the DAB radio is,and no matter what the position of the aerial,the reception is always just over the minimum bar.The problem being in a bungalow, surrounded by two churches, many houses, The Build Centre and an Aldi store is that I'm the lowest of the lot around here.

The new Council-installed communal Freeview aerial and satellite system is brilliant and the DAB on Freeview is outstanding.So is the internet radio.But smaller pocket-sized radios just don't want to work very well here.Nonetheless,I'll be in contact with Pure and Morgans and I'll happily settle for a DAB radio which will work in my bungalow.

Thank you again for your very kind help.

  Stuartli 12:37 24 Jul 2009

This link's information may surprise you:

click here

By the way, Freeview radio programme channels are not DAB..:-)

  Big L 266 17:27 24 Jul 2009

Hello.It was indeed a fascinating read.Its a far cry from me being given my first small 'tranny' back in 1964 when I was 10 so I could listen to Radio Caroline and then Radio (Big L) London the latter of which I listened to any time of the day or night until it closed in August 1967! The sounds which came from my radio of all-day pop music,jingles and adverts from a ship in the North Sea broadcasting on Medium (AM) Wave will stay with me for all time. I do recall my grandad having a large (I think) bakelite Philips valve radio to which I did some of my listening to Radio London.In those far off days, everything seemed so easy and less complicated.Now,its all 'line of sight' broadcasts!

Isn't it odd how I recall Paul Kaye reading the news or doing his radio programme,or listening to "The World Tomorrow" with Garner Ted Armstrong and even joining the Free Radio Association in Rayleigh, Essex!

Is it really 42 years ago? Yes,it sadly is!

  Stuartli 17:43 24 Jul 2009

The younger, gadget mad offspring visited us tonight to proudly show off his latest acquisition:

click here

Pure magic...:-)

  Big L 266 18:01 24 Jul 2009

Oh my! An FM transmitter for the car! Whatever next? Tony Blackburn spinning discs from the luggage rack with "Arnold" throwing in a bark or two? Spooky!

Hang on though.Isn't it illegal under the 1947 Wireless Telegraphy Act and the 1967 Marine & Broadcasting Offences Act to own and operate a transmitter without a broadcasting licence? Many an onshore pirate even these days has expensive FM equipment seized by a government department?Or am I that out of touch with the real world? Oh heck,I AM out of touch with the real world!

Big L 266

  laurie53 20:09 24 Jul 2009

I have`exactly the same problem, both FM and DAB have a rubbish signal.

I have invested`in an internet radio (three actually).

Absolutely first class. Occasional drop out if all three are on, but that's down to my ISP download speed.

Thousands of stations, of which I listen to about six!

However, you can find some superb specialised outputs such as jazz, C&W, R&B etc.

  Stuartli 23:38 24 Jul 2009

>>Isn't it illegal under the 1947 Wireless Telegraphy Act and the 1967 Marine & Broadcasting Offences Act to own and operate a transmitter without a broadcasting licence?>>


At least not in the case of short range FM transmitters used (in this case) in a vehicle.

The change came about nearly three years ago..:-)

click here

  Stuartli 23:43 24 Jul 2009

Well this particular Pure gadget doesn't have any problems bringing in a decent listening experience whether in a car or the home in the short space of time it has been in the younger offspring's possession.

It's far superior FM transmission wise to his previous similar gadget use.

It also has a running LCD display about the station currently on air and appropriate information about it.

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