What do i need to get freeview with these!!

  gazmix 12:12 06 Sep 2008

I'm currently on a very low budget & have this portable tv, although it has a bulit in VCR.
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I have seen a Freeview box at Aldi for around £14

Is this all i need??
Scart into freeview box, scart out of freeview box into dvd & then aerial between tv & freeview box & freeview box into wall!!
The freeview box has only 1 scart, so would i need an adaptor (2 into 1) in the freeview box so i can run the dvd!

Here it looks simple, but i hear something about a set top box!!
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Help please

  jack 12:23 06 Sep 2008

And most importantly - the instruction sheet to follow.
Put simply the aerial lead now goes to the Free-view box first then loops out to any other recorder/player device an finally the TV.
The SCART to TV goes to the TV.
There may be a second SCART the would go to any other recorder device you may have.
And Power.
That's it.
Just remember the TV is always at the end of any connection chain

  gazmix 15:07 06 Sep 2008

So the setup is the same as in the second link i gave with
TV & Digital box checked
Scart sockets 1 checked as there is only 1 on TV & 1 on Freeview box & as i have a DVD player, i'm gonna need a 1 to 2 adaptor to plug into freeview so i can plug that into my DVD!!

I then assume i just turn it on, chose a channel on my tv remote, say 6 for example & tune it in from there?


  jack 16:37 06 Sep 2008

Thats right.
Look out for an Automatic SCART adapttor that will electronically switch to which ever device is active.
or it can be machanically switch - the point is an 'open' adaptor will be feeding both signeal to the TV and ghosting may occur.

If the Digibox you are after has only the one SCART
This will mean that you will not be able to record digi to VCR[or other recorder] whilst watching something else [Though perhaps maybe you will if you are looking a DVD from the internal player - not sure about that]
But a 2 SCART box is better than a one thats for sure

  peter99co 20:18 06 Sep 2008

Before buying any equipment you should check if you are in a good signal area. You may find that your existing aerial is not up to receiving digital signals to allow freeview.

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  natdoor 10:21 07 Sep 2008

The coverage information for freeview tends to be pessimistic. Try checking with neighbours to see if they can get it and, if so and you have a decent antenna, you should be OK. Some suppliers (e.g.Currys) will allow you to return a purchase within a couple of weeks if there is no reception.

Some STBs have an RF modulator, which means that the digital transmission can be received by the TV via the antenna lead as though it were a normal analogue broadcast. One then tunes the TV into the appropriate frequency (which can be changed during set up) and freeview channels would then be viewed by switching the TV to the appropriate channel (e.g. 6). Without a modulator in the STB, one has to use Scart and then set the TV to the appropriate AV input. There is some small loss in quality when using the modulated output because there are two extra processes involved, modulation and de-modulation.

The current Aldi offering has two Scart outputs and no RF output and costs £18.99, according to the brochure. Other STBs are available for the same sort of price and it may well be worth seeing if there is a buy to try option available near you. You should be able to get all the information concerning the STBs' facilities and some guidance from a sales assistant in a regular store.

  gazmix 17:07 07 Sep 2008

So the Aldi version not having RF cable is therefore not a bad thing as the quality is better if i'm right in saying that it uses the Scart that connects them as the aerial!!
Am i right in saying that freeview would access signal via scart but the tv would still need the aerial, & the scart feeds from the aerial plugged into tv!!

Apparently i'm in an ok are to receive

  jack 17:16 07 Sep 2008

So the Aldi version not having RF cable
How does the box get its signal?
It has to have an Aerial in socket- that is the RF and it is usual then to have a 'Pass through' to the aerial can go to other devices VCR/DVD recorder/TV

  natdoor 09:18 08 Sep 2008

I am sorry for the confusion. As jack says, the Aldi STB and indeed all STBs, have RF in and virtually all have RF out, although the Aldi leaflet does not specifically state this. The input is connected to the antenna and the output to the next piece of equipment in line, in your case the TV. Sometimes the RF out is merely a pass-through, i.e. it only contains the analogue signals, but if the box has an RF modulator then the digital signal to which the STB is tuned is present as well. Such a facility is essential if, as with old sets, there is no Scart input on the TV. In this case, you do not need to have a Scart connection to the TV to view Freeview, although one would normally use one unless Scart sockets were needed elsewhere. It is similar to the RF output of a stand-alone VCR. This has a pass-through but also has an additional "channel" which contains the information from a tape when being played or that from the broadcast channel to which the VCR is tuned.

Although there isdegradation in quality using an RF modulated output, in practice this is so small as to be negligible. The degradation in recording a programme on tape and then watching it via an RF output is much worse.

  oldbeefer2 10:44 08 Sep 2008

You're in an 'OK area to receive', but are you using an external/loft aerial, or a set top one? Where I am, I need an external aerial to pick up digital signals cleanly (set top one only tunes a few channels, and they break up).

  birdface 10:04 09 Sep 2008

Providing you are in a good signal area.All you need is the Freeview box.I am in a bad signal area.I have the same TV and Video combined use a normal loft aerial and still get good pictures.Just a matter of pointing the aerial in the correct direction.

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