What camcorder format ??

  buckeye 22:55 10 Jul 2007

My mate bought a cheap camcorder..cheap i.e. £80ish and said it was wonderful e.g. mp3 player, still camera,etc etc so, being in the market for a camcorder ( I am still using my 17 year old Sanyo camcorder..still as good as the day i bought it )he gave me it to try it..what a load of rubbish...pictures wobbly, takes 'stutter' the only good thing about it was the size, generally not what i expected from a digital camcorder DV format...i suspect that the HDD format would be best..but pricey, so i would appreciate anyones opinion..by the way, the make of the mate's camcorder is Inovix..steer clear.

  anchor 10:45 12 Jul 2007

What do you expect from an £80 (ish) camcorder?. You get what you pay for.

Nothing wrong with the mini DV format; lots of models, (like my Sony), use it with excellent results.

You don`t need to pay a fortune to get a good one; read the reviews. Have a look at the Sony DCR-HC96E for a start.

£345, incl: delivery

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