What are the best headphones that are compatible with the iphone?

  pc001 07:42 03 Apr 2013

so this is my 2nd pair of apple iphone headphones and they break within one year and its really annoying. what kind of headphones can I get from best buy/radio shack/target or any other store that are compatible with the iphone and that dont cost too much? I guess the most i'll pay is ?100.

  bremner 19:00 03 Apr 2013

I like Bose http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bose-®-IE2-audio-headphones/dp/B004ADRXK8/ref=sr13?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1365011895&sr=1-3

  pc001 05:42 06 Apr 2013

thank you, bremner. But I would like to purchase a pair of beats by dre online and i want to get an authentic pair at a good price. Has you bought any beats by dr. dre from the website, "http://www.drebeatsoutlet.co.uk/"? i was wondering if their real? I was wondering if the headphones on that site are real? If you haven't had a legit pair then you probably can't tell me if that website sells fake beats or not but I had a pair from best buy and they got stolen and was looking to buy a new pair but wanted to make sure this website was legit. Anyone know?

  wiz-king 16:17 06 Apr 2013

That is not a UK based website - it does not have the company number or street address - and it's grammar is not English.


  mart7 12:01 08 Apr 2013

Ive tried the Dre headphones and personally they arent worth the money,i believe its the "name" that carrys the heavy price tag Have you tried sennheisers?


  jounpla 02:36 24 Apr 2013

may be beats~~

  phoenixaj 21:28 02 May 2013

you should try these out, http://www.bassbuds.co.uk - i use a pair of these in the office, no sound leakage, good quality and for me, most of all, damn stylish.

  addnow 22:55 15 May 2013


i would go for the sennhesier mm70i in ear headphones , these earphones are optimised for the iphone.


for on-ear headphones, im a fan of the sony v55 headphones , these are stylish and available in many colors http://addnow.co.uk/sony-v55-headphones

  ICF 07:35 28 May 2013

http://www.whathifi.com/best-buys/headphones I have the SoundMagic E10 and they sound fantastic on my ipod

  Nontek 09:45 13 Jul 2013

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