Wharfdale DVDR24HD160F problems

  Barb22 20:36 13 Jan 2008

I have had my Wharfdale for 1 week and it suddenly froze last night after trying to delete a recorded program from the Hard disk. I switched it off and it restarted OK but after recording a radio program this morning it has frozen again.
Nothing works now only the blue light on the front. It doesn't show the time etc on the display panel it is just blank!
The remote does not work it (batteries are OK).
It will not work from the controls on the box so I can't remove my own DVD disk.
The TV screen shows blue with VCR on it but I am unable to get setup etc. Sounds similar to previous problem but I can't recall pressing wrong buttons on remote like HDMI.
Does it sound like a complete breakdown?
Any advice appreciated.

  JanetO 09:06 14 Jan 2008

When you switched it off did you have to take the mains plug out and then replaced it (like a cold bootup)?
These devices do seem temperemental and ours freezes sometimes but an unplug (or long wait) usually works.

  Barb22 09:40 14 Jan 2008

Hi J
We did pull the mains plug out. The first time that worked. But this time there is absolutely nothing except the blue light.
We left it unplugged for a couple of hours and removed scart, aerials etc then tried to start from new. But there wasn't any response at all.
Just the blue light. You couldn't switch it on to re program it even, not from the remote or the buttons on the panel and my disk is still inside.
We are taking it back to Argos today so will let you know the response.

  Barb22 16:07 14 Jan 2008

Thanks J for your advice. We took it back to Argos and they just gave us a refund without any bother. Didn't seem surprised when we said it was faulty. Now we have to find another make that will be more reliable.
If anyone has advice re good make PVR's I would be glad to hear from them.
Thanks B

  Wandsworth 13:31 15 Jan 2008

The instructions supplied with this recorder are nothing less than a nightmare. (What on earth, for instance, is "Time Shift Buffer Mode"? What kind of illiterate geek writes this stuff? It demonstrates a contempt for the customer

  Barb22 15:56 16 Jan 2008

I quite agree. When we looked at the trouble shooting page it kept telling you to make sure you were in the correct mode. But it did not tell you how to find the correct mode.
It did not help to find 6 of the middle pages were upside down. I had to dismantle the book to put in the correct order.
But they were the most unhelpful instructions I have ever come across. I consider I am intelligent so God help those with less understanding.

  JanetO 17:06 16 Jan 2008

It is hard to fathom out from the instructions. It seems to be the new norm now with manuals. They word them as if you've been a technician on the making of the thing. I found that with a JVC hd camcorder too.

  Asphyx 23:50 16 Jan 2008

my recorder has just given up the ghost. its the SECOND one in less than a month. for no reason it started `butting` in to the tv signal and finally stopped giving a video output (the audio was fine) i tried turning it off at the plug refitting the scart lead etc. but still it wont work. The helpline didn`t seem surprised when i rang them and Argos gave me a replacement with no hassle the first time, even though the packaging had been dumped. Its back down the shop on fri to get a replacement but very probably NOT wharfedale. As you all have mentioned the (dis)tructions are hard to follow, probably written by someone with a english/gobbledegook dictionary with some pages missing. I`m not happy with it at all

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