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  amonra 15:24 19 Jun 2006

My daughter has suggested she buys me a web cam for my birthday so that our family chats via Skype can be more "personal". What does the forum recommend as a cheap and cheerful camera with minimal setting-up and decent pixel count ?
Your suggestions please. (without being rude!)

Win XP, 3G CPU, 1G memory

  Pamy 15:33 19 Jun 2006
  ghm101 16:34 19 Jun 2006

I had an old USB 1 Webcam, Changed to a USB 2 one recently and the quality is much better.

I Got a creative live effects cam for about £30 and am very happy.

click here

This one came with a little mono speaker headset with mike (now I have a spare).

I use it to video skype family in Australia and it works very well

  Rigga 17:35 19 Jun 2006

MSI StarCam 370i For around £20
PCA review > click here <


  Al94 09:25 21 Jun 2006

PC World own brand click here= amazing performance for the price and built in mike.

  amonra 13:52 21 Jun 2006

Thank you all for your input,there are SO many to choose from, In the end I have ordered a Logitech Communicate STX from Amazon so we will see how things go.

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