Watching one station while recording on another.

  standard8 20:26 24 Apr 2008

Could anyone tell me how I can watch a TV station on a Sony LCD TV while recording a different station on a VCR.I've been told that it can't be done,and this is what's stopping me buying the above TV.However,I read a while back in a magazine how it could be done,but unfortunately I've not kept the magazine.Help please!

  john bunyan 21:08 24 Apr 2008

You can , as long as analoge tv is broadcast, record one analogue channel on the vcr and watch another, or a digital one on the tv. Each has its own tuner. I assume your TV is digital? If you want to record a digital channel on the vcr you need a set top box to act as it's tuner - or buy a digital DVD recorder or PVR.

  standard8 22:02 24 Apr 2008

Thank you for your reply.The TV I was thinking of buying is digital but my VCR is a few years old so I am assuming it is not digital.I'm sorry if the questions I am asking sound a bit stupid but I am not conversant with all the new technology.My area goes digital at the end of this year,so I am also wondering if I can still play old Video tapes on my digital TV and can I use my old VCR to record TV programmes using the method you describe above i.e.a set top box.By the way,does a set top box mean one of these freeview boxes?The TV I am thinking of buying has freeview built into it.

  Strawballs 22:25 24 Apr 2008

If you by a freeview box to connect to your VCR then you can use that to record and the built in on the new TV to watch and yes you will still be able to watch your tapes, if you are in a virgin media area get that and a V+ box the you can record 2 while watching a 3rd on the same box.

  jack 08:39 25 Apr 2008

Therefore you can in if you wished, set up a VCR to record a program, a PVR to record another and watch something entirely different on the TV
Each item that is a recorder is in world unto itself - once set up will get on with recording no matter what else you are watching in TV.

For example I could set up my VCR to record terrestrial.
Set up the PVR to record[terrestrial or Digital] and watch TV something entirely different

Some recording devices boast two tuners so that they them selves will allow watch on record another

  john bunyan 08:56 25 Apr 2008

For now I would suggest you get the shop to give you a bargain on a freeview box when you buy the tv, and set it up for you to record on your vcr via that and watch freeview via the new tv built in tuner. Most shops will do this , hopefully for free.

  standard8 17:06 25 Apr 2008

Thanks to everyone who has replied to help me.I am a lot more confident now in what to do.

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