Watching home recorded DVDs in USA

  dmm27 20:06 11 Sep 2009

We are off to USA later in the year, renting a house. I know the UK pre-recorded DVDs probably wont work in USA as they'll be the wrong region. However we are planning to take a load of DVDs of TV stuff/films that we have recorded at home.

Anyone know if they will still work on USA DVD players, or will the "Region" still cause problems?
Does the different PAL/NTSC TV standards cause problems? Or will the DVD player convert it to the appropriate output (assuming the DVD player plays the disc)


  ambra4 13:23 16 Sep 2009

“Anyone know if they will still work on USA DVD players”

No they will not work on a normal US DVD player you need a Multi Region DVD Player which

can be very expensive in the US

“Will the "Region" still cause problems?”

Most US DVD player is set for Region 1 only

“Does the different PAL/NTSC TV standards cause problems?”

No most DVD will play PAL/NTSC

Would suggest that you take a Multi Region DVD Player with you as they are must cheaper in

the UK

Take a look at this one

Digital Value Multi Region DVD Player with USB & 1 year Warranty

click here

Customer Reviews

click here

Make sure that it is multi input voltage 110 – 240 voltage and can be easily changed

  Tim1964 20:19 16 Sep 2009

Get a Tesco value one for £15 and take it with you. It's a smaller 'half size' model.

This model also plays DIVX/AVIs so you can get half a dozen films on one disc.

  Tim1964 22:57 18 Sep 2009

Just realised.

A UK model will be PAL and not NTSC so won't work on a US TV.

  ambra4 05:52 19 Sep 2009

Just to give you an idea on the difference prices and type of Multi Region DVD Players available in the US and the price difference

The cost for a Multi Region DVD Player in the USA is about $208 or £138 with shipping

click here

Click on the Pioneer DV-300 at $179

Note the “Notice about TV Compatibility” at bottom of page

This player can play PAL discs on a NTSC TV but CANNOT play NTSC discs on a PAL TV.

Where as the Digital Value Multi Region DVD Player with USB Cost £46.50 or $76 with shipping

click here

The player supports formats like DVD Video, DVD Audio, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, CD, SVCD, VCD, HDCD, CD-R, CD-RW, Kodak Picture CD and much more.

The DV991 supports progressive scan

Also PAL and NTSC standards No need to have a multi-system TV.

  dms_05 11:04 19 Sep 2009

It's not just a matter of taking a UK model to the USA. Voltage is different as well as Hz frequency (50 here, 60 in the USA). Also USA doesn't use SCART at all so you may have connection problems. Your best bet may be to play the DVD's on a UK laptop.

  ambra4 12:16 19 Sep 2009

Once the input voltage on any type of equipment is 110 / 240 voltage the 50 / 60 Hz voltage

frequency is automatically covered and can be used worldwide

All computers or laptop can be used world wide once the power supply unit carry a 110/240

50 / 60 Hz voltage power supply the only item you have to change is the power cable or the type

of plug

I live in a 110 /60 HZ area and have no problem using equipment brought in the Europe

Like ASDL Modem/Routers, HiFi Equipment, DVD Players, Printers, Computers both desktop

and laptop, Wireless Phones, Mobile Phones etc.

At the moment I am using a UK desktop and my daughter is using a Dell laptop brought in the

UK as both was a lot cheaper and has a higher spec, and more features than the same model in

the US

Connected to a UK D-Link ASDL Wireless Modem/ Router for Internet access

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