Wanting TV speakers PLUS device for (personal) higher volume at same time

  AroundAgain 00:49 04 Jan 2015

Does anyone have any knowledge / experience as to enabling sound through TV speakers, as normal, PLUS a way for a hard-of-hearing person (myself) to have higher volume, ie wireless headphones, please? This is proving to be rather difficult to achieve.

My setup is - TV is Samsung UE32H5500, FreeSat (Humax FreeSat-HDR1010)

On this TV, the only audio output is a 3.5mm Headphone socket at the back of this TV and, as expected, TV speakers shut off and sound is via the headphones only. Hard luck anyone else watching TV ;)

There is no other Audio Output on this TV.

The other issue is that, with wireless headphones, I can't pick up any TV signal. I have since discovered that this is typically Samsung who don't provide this ability, enabling only FreeView to be picked up on wireless headphones somehow. So, although my wired headphones will receive sound, wireless don't. However, as I've said, headphones in the 3.5mm headphone socket cut the TV speakers, so not a solution.

I've tried a soundbar, connected via 3.5mm Headphone socket, with a 'splitter' and wireless headphones also plugged in. The Soundbar provided external sound but the wireless headphones, as expected, didn't pick up any TV signal, being FreeSat

It would seem to me that my options could be -

  1. Buy new TV that has Audio Out, rather than Headphone socket
  2. Buy particular wireless headphones which seemingly would work
  3. Buy Soundbar, assuming it had an Audio Out that didn't cut the speakers
  4. Personal loop system via hearing aids (not keen for various reasons)

Any of these options could end up being quite expensive, of course, so I would prefer any alternative that would be less costly.

I would be very appreciative if anyone has any suggestions I might try? It could be that one of you has already worked out a solution so that, being a bit hard-of-hearing, one has 'personal' source of higher volume without the others in the room being blasted out!

Thanks for any thoughts. Sorry the post is a bit lengthy

  mole1944 05:09 04 Jan 2015

Three options go onto Amazon and type hearing loop,i know your not keen the second one is phone up the RNIB for advise.Whilst you need high volume to hear things please oh please think of your neighbours it will drive them crazy.Final one what about using the subtitles if you can.

  lotvic 11:20 04 Jan 2015

AroundAgain, that's exactly the set up needed in our house, normal sound for me and amplified sound via headphones for mum. I also have been searching for a solution.

Lady from 'Sensory Impairment' (council SServices) is coming on Wed hopefully bringing the current equipment available from them.

Present, broken, unit is a CLA9(T) by Geemarc (these are now obsolete)

  lotvic 11:59 04 Jan 2015

Did you see Fruitbat's post on similar thread in helproom? ClickHere I've yet to explore if that solution will work with my Samsung and Humax Freesat box. Hoping it will be what's needed.

  AroundAgain 19:42 04 Jan 2015

Thanks for your responses, guys

Mole, whilst I appreciate your help and your suggestions are very good, I’d rather not be pursuing on these lines until I have exhausted all other possibilities. I agree I should contact the ‘Action for Hearing (Loss)’ to ask what they might advise. Please don’t give up on this thread yet, though ;)

Lotvic, I have to admit I hadn't seen Fruit Bat's thread, so pleased you've provided a link

Lotvic, I would be very interested to hear what the SS have to suggest, if you would be prepared to post here again after s/he has visited.

I have seen, a few years ago now, a person who SS contacted and they provided me with a MiniTec+ (free of charge), and I also got one for my father. In fact, it is the same as this one on Amazon (courtesy of Mole’s suggestion)

I was also given a loop that plugged into the headphone socket of the MiniTec+ but I’m not so happy with that as I get a lot of buzzing/interference which is worse than the tinnitus I have and not very acceptable. If I hang the loop on my head and around my ears, it does work a lot better but, as you can imagine, that’s not very stable and so, again, not really practical. I think a call to whoever contacts the ‘Sensory Loss’ person in my area is a good thing for me to pursue too.

One of my smaller TVs (19”), in my PC room, has a headphone socket at the back and I’ve discovered that, by plugging headphones in here, it doesn’t cut the TV speakers! It’s a Technika, FYI. My wireless headphones work well – I receive FreeSat, in case that’s relevant. However, my new ‘ish Samsung TV, as identified in my original post, does not support output via the headphone socket when receiving FreeSat, but apparently FreeView is supported. I can’t check the FreeView but if I find a way to plug in a conventional aerial, I’ll see if I can try that.

So, has anyone got a ‘Smart’ TV, receiving FreeSat, that DOES support wireless headphones??? I really would prefer a method which does not require wires across the room etc.

It's reassuring to discover others can relate to this issue so, hopefully, between us we can identify some suitable solutions :)

Thanks for all help and advise

  lotvic 20:13 04 Jan 2015

I saw this howto article ClickHereSony and it seems you don't plug into the tv at all, you have to plug into the source device (that would be the Humax Freesat box)

I do hope I get to grips with this, maybe FB will post a simple step-by-step on what to connect to what...

  AroundAgain 21:39 04 Jan 2015

Lotvic, you are a STAR!!!

It works when plugged into Source (ie Humax in my case) with the wireless headphones. The article is very straight forward, even for a female pensioner like me!!! ;)

I've taken a photo of the back of my Humax so you can see how I've connected so I'll upload that very soon. Just wanted to send this post 'pronto'

Details - I used male RCA connections to the back Humax, then a female 3.5mm socket to connect with headphone socket (male 3.5mm). My headphones also have a mains connection, ie normal plug to headphone base. Then I tuned the headphones to the TV.

I did find that if you mute the TV or lower the volume, it affects the headphones but my headphones have a volume control so that's not a problem.

I'm going to have to move the headphone base around a bit to minimise any hiss/interferance but, other than that, I'm really really pleased.

Well done for finding that article! I've been working on this for over a month and even a Customer Service chap from RicherSounds (where I bought TV and Humax) has been investigating it, even to the point of phoning Samsung on my behalf.

I do hope you, Lotvic, can connect too, now. I can't wait to hear back ...

Photo to be uploaded asap ...


  AroundAgain 21:48 04 Jan 2015

Photo available at Humax Connection

Hope it helps

1]: [click here

  lotvic 23:02 04 Jan 2015

AroundAgain, you are also a STAR!!!

I've been surrounded by a tangle of (unsuitable) cables and connectors etc trying to make sense of them and the instructions I found, then you go and post a pic for me and the all important Details... which cable to get and some headphones with a volume control, can't wait to get them and try it out.

Thank You :)

  AroundAgain 23:44 04 Jan 2015

Wow! Pleased to hear that. I'm glad my photo has helped you. The article you found is brilliant so, with that article and the photo, hopefully you'll get this sorted.

I've looked at the back of my DVD player too and that also has RCA Audio Out sockets so, presumably I'll need to have them connected to the headphones if wanting to listen to/watch a DVD.

Anyway, I do hope you manage to get your headphones and connect them up OK.

Again, I'll look forward to hearing how you've got on. Also, will be interested as to what suggestions the 'Sensory Person' has to offer.


  mole1944 05:16 05 Jan 2015

doesn't it give us all a buzz when we have helped someone.

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