Wall mounting LCD TV

  Marko797 12:19 22 Jun 2008

Am thinking of doing this, but am concerned about what to do with the cabling.

In short, I don't want a conduit running from the existing power/aerial sockets, which are some 6ft away from where the TV will go. I think it would look untidy/unsightly.

Is there a neater alternative, or should I resign myself to channeling into the plasterboard walls?

  bobbybowls 14:32 22 Jun 2008

if your wall is plasterboard there should be a void between it and the wall. cut a hole behind the tv. carefully remove the skirting board and run the cables from where they are now to the bottom of the wall.drop a string down the in side of the wall with a small weight attached. attach cables to string and pull up to tv. if the plaster board comes down to the floor you can cut a slot along the bottom as it will be hidden by the skirting.

  jack 14:35 22 Jun 2008

Chopping Channels for cabling that may be moved around when youo re-jig the room at some future date
is a bit far.
Of course without sight of the situation difficult to advise but you could consider gluing some thin 'batten to the wall' running the cable, covering the batten with hardboard or similar and papering/decorating to match.

  Marko797 16:14 22 Jun 2008

sounds like the most sensible option to me. Thnx for enlightening me.

  bobbybowls 16:37 22 Jun 2008

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

if in doubt get a qualified electrician.

  Marko797 17:12 22 Jun 2008

that's a great help, thnx v much.

I was thinking that maybe there were some flexible rods which I could use to go back thru existing skts for elec and aerial, as an alternative to ripping off the skirting bd. Do u know if these would work equally as well, and can u get them to go around corners?

  bobbybowls 21:17 22 Jun 2008

click here
the electric cables will probably run up the wall to a junction box under the floor of the 1st floor or the attic. it will be easier to take a spur off of the nearest socket and run along the skirting.the other alternative is to run under the floor if you can get access. be very careful removing the skirting as they tend to split.if you cant pries it off get a punch and knock the nails through.

  Marko797 07:41 24 Jun 2008

thnx for ur input, much appreciated.

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