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  Sir Bob 21:01 23 May 2009

Thought I'd give VOIP a go. So after a bit of research, I decided I'd keep what I currently have and go for an adapter to try it out. The product descriptions of click here and click here make them sound fantastic, but the first get's a lot of poor reviews & the second is not on the manufacturers website.

So, recommendations please..... Although the Sogatel's price has dropped 65% so I might just have a gamble!

  dms_05 13:28 31 May 2009

I use a Tesco Internet Phone Adaptor IPA 1000 - cost about £30 but seems tied to the Tesco service. Works well but only available 2nd user off ebay nowadays. An alternative - take a look at click here
as it cheap and unlocked.

  Sir Bob 21:51 31 May 2009

Thanks for the info dms_05

I looked at that one (or one very similar) but I decided I'd go for one where I could use VoIP or "normal" calls via the same phone. The price drop of the Sogatel got the better of me! I've got an account with Sipgate and I'm up and running. Set-up of both could have been a bit easier but it's all working now. If all goes well I'll be cancelling my landline call package soon.

  john bunyan 16:46 05 Jun 2009

This may be worth a read. I am happy with Vonage - see my comments.
click here

  john bunyan 18:06 05 Jun 2009

Up to you, but to rely entirely on broadband even for emergency calls seems a bit risky. Will be interested in your final decision.

  Sir Bob 22:22 05 Jun 2009

Thanks for your comments on Vonage. They get good press, and it was between them & sipgate. We'll see how it goes with sipgate - so far on calls to the Canaries, the line has had a few echos but I've yet to try it with relatives is the USA & Canada & NZ. Time will tell. As for the sogatel ATA well, all seems fine so thumbs up so far.

You're correct, disconnecting my landline is a big step, especially when you take a moment to think about it and you realise you've had one all your life! But I'm not quite there yet. I'm fairly certain I'll change provider (without a calls package) and see for a while before finaly deciding. With 2 mobiles in the house though, it shouldn't be too drastic a change.

  EnzoVNG 13:28 08 Jun 2009

Hey John

I just wanted to thank you for mentioning Vonage so often within this forum and make everyone aware that you are not a Vonage employee! :o)

I have noticed a lot of recommendations from you on our products; here at Vonage we are extremely grateful for that!

Just to let everyone know, you can now join us both on Facebook and Twitter

Twitter: click here
Facebook: click here

Sir Bob - please get in touch with us if you ever decide to join us, we would be very happy to help you out with any decision

John - what package are you on and how long have you been with us?

Thanks everyone and be in touch
Enzo @ Vonage

  john bunyan 18:46 08 Jun 2009

I have no connection (ha ha) with Vonage nor any incentive to praise them other than my expeience - merely that I am relatively happy with their service. I am on a package that for , I think, £7.99 a month gives unlimited calls to the Uk, Eire, Germany, Australia, US and Canada. I would welcome a few more EU countries - NL, France, but use it quite a bit. I note your company is a PR company so prefer to reply to Vonage direct if you give me a contact. Been with Vonage about 3 years.

  EnzoVNG 18:01 11 Jun 2009

Hey John

I work for the Vonage UK Online Support team
You guys can get in touch anytime through

Enzo @ vonage.com


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