Vista cannot burn rewritables, and when it does they are ruined, and also cause xp to reset with a blue screen!

  theDarkness 14:51 13 Jan 2009

Both systems are clean, error and virus free. All programs installed are vista compatible on the vista system. Vista cannot burn rewritables, and when it does they are ruined, and also cause xp to reset with a blue screen! The discs were perfectly fine previous to this and worked on xp. I cannot even reformat them, as vista just hangs trying to read them. Vista strangely burns normal dvd and cds absolutely fine. I have never been able to update vista as not connected to the net, and its not my burning program as they dont read or work properly with anything else, but i have never heard of a badly burnt disc giving a blue screen or not being able to reformat it. Has anyone else? I think with rws i will be sticking to xp

  jack 16:32 13 Jan 2009

because of reliability problems, even with XP and earlier.

They do need 'packet writing' software - but I guess you know this.
My advice dump RW's

  jack 16:33 13 Jan 2009

In many instances R'Ws will only read on the machine that created it in the first place.

  theDarkness 20:24 13 Jan 2009

I was using ashampoo to burn on vista, and brand new rewritables. While its true that xp has trouble reading the vista burnt dvd rws if it doesnt do a blue screen reset.. so does vista! Vista is obviously not burning onto these brand new discs properly- i get cyclic redundancy errors in ashampoos verifying process. The discs have then gone 'bad' at this point, and i usually cannot even do a reformat of the disc and its contents in either system. Vista does not do a blue screen reset like xp, but the discs are constantly whirring away without an end, no doubt trying to be read. Ive tried searching the net but i cant find much out there with any users having trouble with rewritable discs, or sites stating to avoid rws in certain drives. I have tried different brands of brand new cd and dvd rws (tdk, imation etc) but they are pretty much all the same with vista ruining them. I would have thought any dvd burning drive that can burn onto both dvd and cd should be able to use rw cd and dvd. My vista laptop that cannot burn onto rws has an 'Optiarc DVD RW AD-7530B' model ata dvd drive, if thats any use to anyone. thanks

  theDarkness 20:32 13 Jan 2009

I should also mention that vista oddly has no trouble at all reading contents of the same brands of rws.. if they were burnt onto using xp! Both systems use the same version of ashampoo, which is vista compatible. the problem is solely in the burning in vista, if the drive could not use rws in general then surely it could not read the xp burnt discs either, but they play fine on vista with no problems. yet vista cant read its own burnt discs!

  jack 10:03 14 Jan 2009

Such as CD burner Pro
This is a freeware constantly updated.
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  theDarkness 20:03 14 Jan 2009

yeah, i forget that it could well be ashampoo not working as it should, damaging my rewritables.. that is, if its not just vista needing a good update, the drive needing an update, or just a poor drive that cant handle the burning process of rewritables, even if it can read them on vista, if burnt on xp. Ive ruined 6 rewritables now.. not sure i want to try that program you mention just yet and waste some more just yet, as im sure i tried vista without ashampoo and it just did the same, but thanks for the link :)

  jack 20:45 14 Jan 2009

Burning rewrites needs special software called 'packet writing'are you sure Ashampoo is so enabled.
Unless you are prepared to try you wont find out and wreck more of those dratted unreliable disks

  jack 20:46 14 Jan 2009
  theDarkness 21:28 14 Jan 2009

I tried ashampoo in xp and it was working fine with the same brand of rw discs. I did not touch the default options in xp and it worked fine, so why not vista, if vista can read the same discs, if they are burnt in xp? I dont think ashampoo gives such an option with packet writing. I think the drive on my vista machine is most likely just not very good!

  jack 08:55 15 Jan 2009

likely just not very good!

OK if you say so.
It'll cost you £20 or so to replace the drive to prove or disprove the point.
How much more will spend on wasting CDRW's that are proven to be unreliable?

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