Virgin TV + Freeview box can I use both together?

  Bailey08787 13:57 10 Apr 2007


As everybody knows, you're no longer able to get Sky News or Sky Sports News through Virgin TV.

Would I have any problems in having Virgin TV hooked up to one of my scart outputs on the back of my TV, and my freeview box plugged into the other outlet?

The idea being that when I want to watch Sky Sports News or Sky News, I could just switch between my Virgin TV and freeview box?


  bremner 20:37 10 Apr 2007

Works fine for me.

Just change between the AV channels on the TV

  BT 08:03 12 Apr 2007

We use both. To enable flexibility we use a scart switch box which enables us to watch one while recording from the other.
This is the box we use
click here (also available from other outlets) which allows lots of flexibility and also means use only need to use one scart input on your TV

  megat193 11:14 16 Apr 2007

Good idea. There can be a ghosting effect if you use AV2 for either Freeview or Cable/Sky with both connected. The scart switch would solve this problem.

  Polygonal lass 11:43 16 Apr 2007

It works fine for me also - as long as your TV has enough scarts, it should be fine.

  BT 07:56 17 Apr 2007

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  BT 08:02 17 Apr 2007

Oops Don't know how the above ended up here!!

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