Vinyl to CD on an HDD + DVD Recorder

  Sapins 16:21 12 Jun 2007

Can I record my LP's direct to CD's on a LITEON LVW-5045 recorder, if so how and what do I need re connections.

  rodriguez 17:46 12 Jun 2007

After reading the manual for it, I found that you can - bit it looks like a standard line-in socket, as you'd use the red & white sockets on the front AV. Normal turntables have a low sound output which means you'll need a pre-amp or you'll need to connect it through the amplifier on your stereo. The turntable plugs into the phono input on the amplifier as normal and then the record-out for the tape deck plugs into the DVD recorder (this is how my Kenwood one is plugged in anyway). Some modern turntables also have a built-in pre-amp which means you can connect the turntable straight to the recorder. Once it's connected the process for recording an audio CD is as follows (taken from the manual):

Audio CD Recording
1. Place a well-prepared CD-R / CD-RW disc onto the
tray with the disc’s label face up.
2. Press [ GUIDER ] to display the Easy Guider
menu, press [] [] to select “Record” and then
press [ENTER].
3. Press [] [] to select the audio signal input (TV,
Front AV, SCART, DV) and press [ENTER].
4. Press [] [] to select “Audio CD” as the desired
recording format and then press [ENTER].
5. Press [] [] to select the desired TV Sound and
then press [ENTER].
6. “Go!” is selected. Press [ENTER] to record your
audio signal into a recordable CD disc.
7. Press [EDIT] to create an new audio track into disc
during recording.
8. Press [ STOP] to stop audio recording.
1.Single press of [EDIT] key will automatically create an new audio
track by 2 sec interval.
2.Audio source input during these 2 sec will be recorded onto the
beginning of the next track.
3.You must finalize the disc before you can playback the disc on
other Audio CD / DVD / VCD / SVCD player or CD / DVD-ROM
on a PC.

  Sapins 19:27 12 Jun 2007

Thanks for your help, I have looked at the front of the recorder, there are 3 round sockets and 1 small square one, does the jack go in one of the round sockets, if so which one? or do I use the small square one, in which case what cable do I need please.

  rodriguez 22:29 12 Jun 2007

The 3 round sockets should be yellow, white and red. You plug the audio cables from the stereo (which should also be white & red) into the white & red sockets on the front AV. The yellow one is for video signal (say from a camcorder or VCR) and the square one is for digital video transfer from a DV camcorder.

  Sapins 15:10 13 Jun 2007

Hello again, can you help me with the identification of the cables I need please.The HI FI, which is a few years old, is a Thompson, model VTM 2950 with the following round sockets on the back; 1.Digital output 2.line out(LG) 3.below 2, R/D. There are also 2 more round sockets labeled L&R Line In CD/AUX. On the front there are 2 round sockets Micro and Phones.There are no White, Red or Yellow sockets!

Thanks for your patience in helping me with this, but, as you can see I am a bit of a novice with this.

  Stuartli 13:09 20 Jun 2007

For detailed information on how to do this see:

click here

especially the sections at the end.

If you require Audacity, see:

click here

  Stuartli 13:10 20 Jun 2007

I wouldn't use CD-RW disks - their level of reflectivity is very much less than that of CD-Rs and many optical drives are unable to read them.

CD-Rs are also very much cheaper and that includes the Printable versions.

  David4637 15:17 20 Jun 2007

Use CDRW discs to ensure what you want to do works, THEN copy the CDRW to a CDR, that way you don't produce coasters. David

  Stuartli 15:21 20 Jun 2007

>>that way you don't produce coasters>>

I've only ever had coasters twice in the last six years and that was down to a problem with the Memorex CD-R disks I bought with my first CD-RW rewriter - I've never touched the brand since.

I always used Taiyo Yuden manufactured disks that have been rebadged by brands such as Imation ever since.

  Sapins 16:06 20 Jun 2007

Thanks for your help, The first link will be very useful, I am going to use CD-R's.

David4637. I will use your method if I have any problems, Thanks again for the help,



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