viewing photos from computer on Camera

  Sethhaniel 11:01 09 Dec 2006

have just got a Vivitar 3.1 camera with SD card
it takes pictures with the .JPG format -

I formatted the card as instructed and have copied some photos .jpg from the computer to the SD card to try and view in camera - but only the photos taken by the camera show -
is ther a special format used - and will I be able to put pictures on the card for the camera to view ???

  LAP 12:29 09 Dec 2006

If I tell you my story perhaps it may help.

I have a Sony camera and when I download them from the camera to the computer and they are saved as a jpeg format I cannot upload them back to the camera. Same as your problem.

I noticed that when my pics were downloaded they started off DSC00001 DSC00002 etc If I saved these and called them something else they would not upload back to camera. But if I called them DSC00001 it would upload but only if I had not taken any more pics hense the camera already shows another DCS00001. But if I called it DSC00003 it would because there was not a pic on my camera with this file name.

I hope this makes sense?

  Pamy 13:26 09 Dec 2006

Hello Sethhaniel, did you format the card in your computer or your camera, as I do believe it should be done only in the camera. Saying that, I have never formatted a card ,Just stock it in the camera in clicked away no probs

  jack 16:41 09 Dec 2006

the images created in a digi camera are not strictly speaking JJPEG.
They show as JPEG in the computer but the proper name for them is EXIF
That us it is a jpeg file with extra bells and whistles carrying the camera exposure/date /time data.
When camera images are loaded into a computer- especially 98/me ones this data is lost because operatings of this time did not know about EXIF
The camera will not therefore recognise these modified images when loaded back up.

XP and current image editors know about Exif and this should not happen.

There is a program that can put a 'dummy' Exif file onto a JPEG so that it will recognise the file
Its called XAT [click here]
Also it is likley that one or two of the rree one such as Irfanview may do it
you will have to search around.

  Sethhaniel 14:33 10 Dec 2006

yes SD card formatted in the camera - following all the correct commands -

will look for program to convert JPG to 'EXIF'

  rodriguez 15:53 10 Dec 2006

Yes regular JPG images that get saved by your computer are JFIF and pictures from a camera are EXIF. Most digital cameras won't read JFIF images. There was a way I saved to EXIF though before and got my camera to read edited pictures - however I used the Sanyo utility that came with my first digital camera (a Sanyo DigiCam 1 megapixel). You should be able to find another program that can convert between the 2 formats though. The one that you might not be able to do is to get AVI videos to play on your camera. I tried this as I thought "I wonder if i could watch TV episodes on my camera"...not possible. A lot of cameras (well mine anyway) actually store the make, model and/or chipset of the camera in the AVI file and won't play any other file than that, even if you save it as MJPEG. On mine, it has "Zoran" in the header, and if this isn't there it won't play. You should be able to view custom JPEGs on it though - they just need converting to EXIF.

  Stuartli 23:40 10 Dec 2006

You don't need to copy the photo files from your computer to the camera.

If you have Irfanview or similar photo viewer, you can view them direct and move them on with the forward arrow on the Toolbar (or back if necessary).

Just right click on a pic file and then click on Open.

  Sethhaniel 10:31 11 Dec 2006

what I want to be able to do is :-
I have a collection of photographs of my girlfriends watercolours and as her old camera has given up the ghost - I have bought the new one - she was able to show her artwork examples on the screen of the old camera - I bought a 256mb SD card with the idea of copying the photos onto the card so she could continue to show the pics on the new camera - as a portable portfolio if you like -

sdo finding a way for them to be read by the camera is the ideal solution :)

  jack 10:38 11 Dec 2006

Detail the computer they are currently stored on.
Operating system and the image editing software you are using.
Meanwhile persevere with the xat search and Irfanview will also add a dummy missing element to the images.

In addition to this there are many other ways of achieving what you desire - if you are in a money spending mood

Burn them onto a CD.
To show on TV via a DVD player
Make a slide show and burn to CD-using VCD or VXCD format- then show as above
Acquire a portable DVD player.
A much better way to view art work

  Sethhaniel 11:08 11 Dec 2006

in an ideal world. yes

but trying to achieve same with the equipment I already have

My PC Siemens 2600mhz 40gb 700mb ram - XP Home SP2 -

Editing Software - inc Irfanview - PSP7 PSP9 and bundles software from Casio - Olypus & Vivitar

  Pamy 11:25 11 Dec 2006

I know this may not be the ideal way to do what you would like but, could you possible take all the pictures again with your new camera?

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