Video Editing and DVD Creation

  Southern Comfort 14:46 19 Apr 2008

I've just invested in the Pinnacle Video Transfer device to transfer my old camcorder tapes to memory stick, and later to my PC. That part's working fine, but I'd like some advice on subsequent editing and burning to DVD. I was going to buy Pinnacle Studio 11 but I've heard some less than favourable reviews about stability with Vista. I'm now using the trial version of ULead Viseo Studio 11, which has been great, but the DVDs that I have produced don't seem to be of a very high quality - still frames and slow movements are fine, but any faster motion appears to be "juddery" and slightly blurry. I'm new to video editing and I'd be really grateful if anyone can help.

  MCE2K5 16:05 19 Apr 2008

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According to the Specs. It says, "Flash Memory Stick USB 2.0, (FAT16/32 only). Video quality dependant on stick data rate."

You must have a Slow Flash Drive.

  lil27 08:38 20 Apr 2008

Once you have your video file on your Flash drive, why use anything else other than windows 'movie maker' and then windows 'dvd maker' on vista. May not be the best creating/editing software availiable but does the basis and is free (on vista).

Just a suggestion if you want to keep it simple.

  anchor 12:18 20 Apr 2008

I am guessing but I imagine your original old camcorder tapes are on VHS?.

Also, what format are they after conversion by Pinnacle?. Are you using best quality for the output?. Review here

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  Terry Brown 14:06 21 Apr 2008

The problem with USB sticks is that they are limited in speed and if the data feed to the stick is greater than the stick can handle, you will either get 'Still images', poor quality and / or freezing. The juddering is caused by the processing of the data (video)not reaching the editing /viewing software fast enough.

  Southern Comfort 23:22 22 Apr 2008

Thanks for the advice folks - it is much appreciated - I will try the suggestions made. I am using the "best" quality setting on the Pinnacle Video Transfer device, and The files transferred to the USB stick are MPEG4. It's just when they are transferred onto DVD that the quality seems to suffer. Also, the DVD wouldn't play in one of my players for some reason.
Thanks again.

  billrose 09:03 25 Apr 2008

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