Video 8 tape to pc transfer via Digital8 camera

  raishbrook 13:08 30 Mar 2011

Hello. I have a Hitachi VM-D865LE Digital 8 camcorder. I am trying to transfer analogue Video 8 tapes to my pc via firewire. The camera plays them fine but when connected to the pc, the picture is very blocky and unwatchable, not just pixelated. It plays digitally recorded footage ok but not analogue. I've used a couple of programs eg. Cyberlink Power Director and WinDV and the result is the same. I can watch the videos perfectly on the tv via the AV cable. My pc is running Windows 7 64 bit and i5 processor.

I have a lot of tapes of family gatherings etc. that I want to preserve on dvd. Thanks in advance, Alan

  hastelloy 16:25 30 Mar 2011

If you have a DVD recorder, record from the camera to a DVD then copy and paste to PC.

  raishbrook 21:06 30 Mar 2011

Thanks for that. I have got a dvd recorder so that is definitely an option and then I could load the dvd onto the pc and edit the files, but I would just like to cut out that stage and load the footage onto the pc straight from the camera if there is a way because there is a fair bit of editing to be done eg. blanks bits, unwanted stuff etc. From all the reports I've read, it seems that it is common practise to copy analogue footage via the firewire on a digital 8 camera, it just doesn't seem to work on mine. It's not the end of the world if it can't be fixed but it would be nice. Thanks again for the suggestion.

  Proclaimer 23:14 30 Mar 2011

I used to do this as a business and I used the Firewire cable to pull the video off the camera. I used Nero 9 for the transfer, recoding, editing and burning back to DVD.

  100andthirty 22:12 31 Mar 2011

I have been doing this using a Sony Digital 8 camera. I discovered by accident that the camera would digitise analog tapes as they're played and send the contents via a firewire connection to the computer. I believe your Hitachi can do this. If you don't have firewire, you could buy a card quite cheaply. The quality is still dependent on the quality of the original tapes, but in my experience the in-camera digitising is reliable.

  raishbrook 12:50 01 Apr 2011

Thanks to everyone who has responded, greatly appreciated. I tried what Lazarus The Second suggested and it seemed to work but unfortunately only once and I'm not able to recreate that success. I've tried different software and sequences of connecting the equipment/software, switching on and off etc. but no luck at all. It seems that when it did work after updating the driver, it would carry on working until something was switched off but then when restarted, back to square one. Even re-updating the driver didn't work.

  100andthirty 07:27 02 Apr 2011

The process I use is to capture the video - I use facilities built into Sony Vegas Movie Studio - and only then worry about viewing it. What's coming from your camera is a digital stream and should be intact once its saved to a file.

  Ciaaig 00:36 09 Oct 2011

The problem with the Hitachi is that it transfers video using the Texas Instruments 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller, NOT the Microsoft built in one.

I know, because i bought THAT same camera, and experienced EXACTLY the same thing. The problem NOW is finding THAT driver.strong text

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