VGA switch problems

  trist 13:01 31 Jul 2009

Hi all,

I have a problem. I've got an xbox 360 linked up to a 20" flatscreen, and a laptop. From time to time, due to uni work, it is very useful to have 2 screens, ie. an extended desktop on the 20" monitor. I have bought a cheap VGA switch so i can quickly switch from xbox input to laptop input.

However, i am getting flickering horizontal lines when i use the switch, as opposed to just a connection from laptop/xbox to monitor. I'm not sure whether it's the switch or the cheap cable i bought. And don't want to splash out on a expensive version of either, if it's the other one that's the problem.

Any help on this would be much appreciated!!



  howard64 17:45 01 Aug 2009

some of the cheap switches only switch 1 or 2 wires not the complete set. Is it possible for you to use the 'cheap' cable to directly connect without the switch? this will at least show if the cable is causing problems.

  DieSse 20:08 01 Aug 2009

Does the monitor have a DVI and a VGA input - if it does, you can use these to do the switching without a switch box at all.

I use this facility on my monitor very frequently.

  trist 17:33 02 Aug 2009


Unfortunately it's only got VGA. maybe i should have thought of that when buying the monitor...

well i've tried the cheap cable direct from laptop to monitor, and the lines are still there. So i guess i need a new/better vga cable anyway.

Assuming i still have the lines with the better cable, i will need to get a new switch. Any idea on medium priced ones? The one i bought was like £10, and i can find others for £50/60, which is a bit out of my price range.

Thanks for your help,


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