VCR: Subtitling

  Cesar 09:36 09 Jan 2007

As I am very Deaf I need a VCR that can record Subtitles, can anyone help me in this matter.
Many Thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 17:42 09 Jan 2007


click here

about a third of the way down.

  jack 19:49 09 Jan 2007

A very interesting site.
We have a hearing problem in this household too.
I guess this depends on the make/model of VCR
But these devices have their own integrated tuner- thus when setting a program up to record it is recording from the recorder not the TV.
Thus setting the TV to subtitle will not make the recorder capture subtitles.
I am not aware of any particular model recorder that is text equipped that will do this.
The same must also apply to PVR/DVD recording machines too.
Are you aware of recorders that have Teletext ?

  Stuartli 19:57 09 Jan 2007

There were only a handful of VCRs that would also record subtitles such as the Panasonic NV HS830BS S-VHS.

It is quite clear from several websites that any VCR can be used to record digital transmissions that include subtitling.

This is one comment:

"Q. How do I record television programmes with subtitles?
A. Very few video cassette recorders (VCRs) can record subtitles from ordinary analogue television. If you want to record subtitles, you will need a special video recorder or a teletext adapter. However, if you have digital television, you should find that any video recorder will record programmes with subtitles."

I recorded a programme from Freeview earlier today - all the set top box does is convert the digital signal back to analogue so the VCR can record it or you can watch it on a TV (unless you are viewing the programme on a genuine digital TV).

Why not try a VCR recording from a Freeview box or suitably equipped TV with the sub-titling selected via the remote control and see what happens?

  Stuartli 20:00 09 Jan 2007

You will have to set the VCR to record from the set top box and not its own tuner - I have a 14-year-old Mitsubishi Nicam stereo VCR that includes three channels for recording from satellite transmissions i.e. L1, L2 and L3.

I use L1 for Freeview recordings.

  jack 20:37 10 Jan 2007

I use L1 for Freeview recordings.
That is the trick when setting up to record selecting one of the 'L' setting[Line] will direct the machine to an 'external signal source' and not from its own tuner
Examination of the appropriate manual for setting the recorder and the external tuner will have to made concurrently to crack the riddle.

1 year on and I am still trying my to get PVR to accept the digi box - The manual tells how- but setting the multilayered button is another story
Ho Hum

  Stuartli 22:42 10 Jan 2007

>>for setting the recorder and the external tuner will have to made concurrently >>

My "Freeview" set top box is, in fact, a Pioneer ITVDigital box and the menu includes the means to switch it on and off for recording purposes.

However, I usually leave the Pioneer on the required channel and set the VCR for a timed recording.

It's not often I need to record anything shown on Freeview on a VCR - I can achieve a similar result using my Twinhan Freeview PCI TV card.

  Cesar 10:32 12 Jan 2007

Thank you Stuartli for your helpful Link, the reason I posed the thread is that I have a lot of subtitled videos (analogue) and as my VCR has gone kaputit would cost more to have it repaired than to purchase a new one. Yes! I am aware of Digital subtitling and my Humax STB does a very good job of recording subtitles. also I would like to thank all others who answered my thread. although it is not resolved I will mark it though.

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