V7 PMD 1400 SatNav

  anchor 15:48 06 Apr 2007

I have just read the PCA review of the V7 PMD 1400 SatNav.

I am puzzled by the phrase, "We were touched by V7's regard for our safety, cautiously locking the screen on the move to prevent distraction".

Does this mean that the screen is static whilst your are driving, and/or does not show your current position in real time?.

Do you know which mapping is used; TeleAtlas or Navteq?.

  Forum Editor 17:12 06 Apr 2007

but I suspect it means the screen is locked as far as selection of options is concerned - to prevent you fiddling with it when you should be concentrating on the road.

If it does mean that it's a great idea.

  anchor 09:10 07 Apr 2007

Thank you FE for your reply; you may well be right.

Perhaps the magazine reviewer might care to clarify, together with the answer re: the mapping source.

It seems generally thought that TeleAtlas mapping is better for Europe, and Navteq better for the USA.

  mazlb 13:26 13 Apr 2007

Sorry, you've waited so long - I hadn't noticed your post. It means that you can choose to put the device into safe mode, in which you are unable to operate the screen while the car is in motion. I hope that's a little clearer?


  mazlb 13:33 13 Apr 2007

The maps are by MyGuide.


  mazlb 13:40 13 Apr 2007

... and MyGuide maps are based on TeleAtlas mapping!

  anchor 08:19 14 Apr 2007


Thanks you for your replies.

All is now clear.

Bon Route!

  zarobian 16:33 16 Apr 2007

Can sombody direct me,where to buy this product. I could not find a UK dealer!!!

  zarobian 16:38 16 Apr 2007

I did find a dealer now which I couldn't find day before yesterday but not sure about the accessories supplied with it.

  mazlb 09:33 17 Apr 2007

If you type V7 pmd 1400 into Froogle it comes up with quite a few results. The thing to look out for is that in some shops are selling it cheaper with UK and Ireland maps, rather than European maps. We received a windscreen mount, mains and cigarette lighter chargers, a stylus and a 1GB SD card with our review model, and I'd imagine this is pretty standard - but it's worth checking before you buy.


  zarobian 07:02 18 Apr 2007

Thanks for the info.


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